1001 – The journey continues …

It’s interesting to me that the site itself brought me to crossroads as life too has done the same. Some things I knew already and some kind of snuck up on me when I started having more brain power and time to dedicate to our dynamic. It has been toned down considerably in regards to routines and rituals for some time now due to family needs. Some of you who have followed the bunny trail know just what I’m talking about, it has been a long hard road but it seems that for now it is stable enough that I can start concentrating on my needs, our needs as a couple and not just as parents.

For clarity sake I will tell you that noise became a huge factor in some mental health issues as well as any sort of posturing/kneeling etc. Time and privacy are still non-existent which obviously makes the first issue even harder to escape!

I have come to the realization that I have been putting my needs aside for some time now without sharing them with my Dom, my husband. Why?? Easy, there was simply no way to have them met, not more than what we had already managed anyway. Needs or not they really became more of a fantasy than anything else for a while.

As things are settling down and my mind is relaxing into being His submissive I’m starting to notice things that are missing, things that I need more of or just more obvious but …. I was still just pushing them aside. My mind hadn’t switched it from ‘this is impossible’ to ‘I have a need, I have to address it with my Sir’.

Eventually they started coming out in my writing but not really very clearly otherwise. By that I mean, not in a way that the Bear can recognize. He and I have very different ways of processing information and although He enjoys my writing He does not really use it as a way of understanding and acknowledging my wants, needs or desires. This is just simply not His way.

So we are going back to the beginning, sort to speak, and starting over with conversations and decisions. One of the rituals we do have is after work where He ‘helps’ to remove my panties. I normally pick sexy interesting ones to please him but this week it was a very basic pair. He commented that He enjoyed the simplicity of the choice I made for Him. I commented it felt appropriate to signify the back to basics place we find ourselves.

I need to remember to communicate in a way in which He will be able to process and not so much in mine. That said, I will be asking that He remember to acknowledge the information in a way in which I can process. We are very different creatures in our communication, that will likely be the topic of my next post. That or how I’m actually getting His attention. *wink*

It’s not always the dominant that notices the issue first. Since the submissive is usually the one with the need I would venture a guess that it’s most often obvious to us first. That active choice of submission is bringing it to them ……

So what do you all think, a worthy read?

6 thoughts on “1001 – The journey continues …

  1. *A worthy read?*

    Yes, definitely. Doesn’t need to titillate in order to get attention. Oftentines in your entries, I find nuggets that I can talk to my slave about, or my wife, or someone else entirely. No two couples really do D/s the same. We’re all different, bring different situations to the scene, so we have to interpret it so that it makes sense to us. I appreciate someone that can be honest, forthcoming and open enough to peel back a layer to show me how D/s impacts their lives.

    So, yes. Quite worthy. Here’s to your next 999 entries.

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  2. Nijntje you really need to stop this is it worthy bit. I have found everything you write to contain worthy ideas, concepts and yes even lessons. Still every post contains fun, information and joy. Two people could read a post of yours and have different things that sink into their brains. The wonderful thing is you write with a cheeky joy that has me smiling all the time. Just be true to yourself and everything will be fine and by the way, yes it is worthy. Please continue to be a wonderful light in a life that can seem rather murky and believe in yourself. ❤ ❤ ❤

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  3. Excellent post as always! I think most men are very pragmatic and do need things pointed out to them; dominant or not, lol!
    I do believe also, that women generally process things mentally in a totally different way. Most of my female friends (and I) can be thinking about several different things at one time. I do think men are single-minded and their brains work differently. Not in a bad way, just totally different!

    I say, keep blogging! Wouldn’t you miss it if you stopped? Or is it taking up too much time every day?

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    1. It has been proven that the female mind can multitask while the male mind thinks on one thing at a time, you are not wrong there! As to the rest, I actually tend to be the pragmatic, logical one around these parts! LoL

      What I was getting at here though is more in keeping with learning styles and ways of digesting information from that respect. I do still hope to get that posted, I’ve just been a bit busier the last few days.

      Would I miss it? I’m not sure … I do have other outlet’s for blogging as you know, if this isn’t helping the Bear and if no one else was finding it helpful or at least enjoyable than there really would be no reason to continue. Seems I am ‘loved’ after all! *giggle* so continue on I shall! 🙂

      Thanks as always for your comments and visits, Angel!! ❤


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