A favourite old shirt

Not sure why this is on my mind but it is. Well maybe I do know I just am not ready to share, yet.

I don’t feel any struggle in my submission, I don’t find it hard to follow His lead and I don’t find it hard to fall into.

It’s not really a thing that’s constantly on my mind, it is not that crazy frenzied excitement from the beginning. It’s not a worry or an obsession, it’s really hardly a thought to be honest. Well not a conscious one anyway!

The things I do, that we have decided on are done without question or over thinking. Once in a while I might have a second thought but it is gone as fast as it comes. We agreed on these things for my benefit or for His, I don’t find any need to fight against them.

I don’t obsess about not feeling submission when I’m working or taking on the world, I feel like I’m doing my job, doing what I’m supposed to do. At the end of the day my submission is waiting.

Like a favourite shirt at the end of the day, I shed my work clothes and slip into its comfort and warmth. Just like that, the world is gone and we are here ….

481d50093f3e6dbc021f9a2cf3da8108I wear it comfortably for as long as I can. I don’t struggle to change from one to the other, I look forward to it. It doesn’t feel odd no matter how long it’s been since I’ve been able to wear it.

When work or responsibility calls I change into something more appropriate, I’m not dwelling on the shirt I shed for the task, I know it’s there waiting for me when I’m ready, when the time is right.

I have a closet full of clothes, it would be strange to expect to always wear the same thing. Everything is there for a reason, everything has a right time.

I enjoy each and every outfit I wear, I feel wonderful when wearing them … but I’m always more than ready to slip into that comfy old shirt. The one that soothes me and feels like home.

I suppose the ‘active’ part is simply the changing ….

Happy Friday! ❀

6 thoughts on “A favourite old shirt

  1. My mind has wandered back to this post and analogy several times since I first read this post. It is a really beautiful way to express the sentiment and commitment to your role.
    Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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