Out of practice?

Our weekend was full of things to do that we didn’t want to do, but were important and needed.

For various reasons there was




and just your basic physical pain and exhaustion.

Finally we were able to steal some moments for just us. But the energy seemed off to me, I couldn’t place it …. that was the problem! I really didn’t know where He wanted to go with our time, our play!

Strapped down and tied up, …. it’s then I realize I don’t know what I’m supposed to be concentrating on, what it is He is hoping to get from me.

What exactly is your intention, Sir? What are you hoping to accomplish?

I want to give you what you want, what you need. I don’t want to just go all out Evil on you right now.Ā 

What if what I need *is* for you to be Evil, Sir?

Than I can give you what you need, ……Ā 

I’ll leave the rest to your imagination, I’m sure you have a good one! *wink*

Communication doesn’t stop just because the ‘scene’ has started. Sometimes, when you are living 24/7 the lines overlap. I’m glad I didn’t remain quiet. We BOTH got just what we needed.

Happy Monday!! ā¤

2 thoughts on “Out of practice?

  1. I am glad you asked as well nijntje. If we are to get the most out of the time we do get then we need to be clear on what is going on. Everything went very well after our small exchange.šŸ˜ˆ We both got what we needed.

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