D/s on hold?

From the outside looking in you might get a very different picture.

My husband has spent the last many days being at my beck and call. It’s true, He gets me my drinks and takes my plate when I’m done. He helps me up from the table or the couch. He has vacuumed the entire house, done and folded the laundry and put most of it away Himself.

He has dressed and undressed me (that part might make sense *smirk*), got my clothes ready for the morning and brought me my water. He has helped with my shoes and even taken off my socks for me.

Kink has been nonexistent, I can’t move without pain shooting through me so whatever His needs might be He has kept them quiet.

The people I talked to long ago would say that our D/s is ‘on hold’ …. LMAO I strongly disagree!

Kink, sex and putting on appearances is not what D/s means to us. Protocols and rules are fun and helpful but real life does like to throw you curve balls doesn’t it? At the moment the dynamic might not look like what you would expect but it’s still very much in tact.

I’m holding back from pushing my body when I know I shouldn’t because He says so, I’m also not hiding my pain. He’s ‘going to help me and do for me whether I like it or not‘ because He feels not only the responsibility but also the right! Plus He also said that if I hurt myself and He finds out it’s because I over did it than I won’t be sitting comfortably ‘for many days’ after that, and not because of my hips/back! Whaa!?!?!?

When it comes to taking care of me His dominant side never fails to appear these days. I’ve never broken His rules on purpose so I’m not sure just how far He’d go with this but something tells me I’m much smarter not to start pushing His limits now!!

When He puts His hands on me lately it’s gentle and soft, no ‘hard’ anything right now but that doesn’t negate the strength in His energy. I dare say this is when He seems the most powerful and comfortable in that power.

All I know for sure, I’m not taking any chances!

D/s on hold? I think not.

8 thoughts on “D/s on hold?

    1. Thank you, Angel! It’s been rough goings lately but I’m still going … *smiles*
      Hope you’re fairing well too! I haven’t seen anything lately, I’m hoping ‘no news is good news’ as they say!


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