My ‘Dom’ – it’s more than kink!

This probably doesn’t fit well with the general idea of D/s but around here my Dom is currently doing much of the housework, especially the more physically demanding work even though I’m home all day, every day and only work part-time. How’s that for your typical D/s relationship! *chuckle*

I’m not happy about it but my current physical state isn’t giving me any choice. I would prefer to be doing things for my Dom, for my husband, but at the moment I can’t. It’s frustrating for me no doubt but that’s just the way it is.

I’m not failing as His submissive, He is excelling as my Dominant. Part of this relationship in our opinion is that He has made Himself responsible for my well-being. He’s making me ‘sit and stay’ …..

I admit that if we hadn’t decided to start venturing into this ‘dynamic’ I would likely be guilting myself to the point of madness by now!! I would also be working myself too hard and likely causing many more issues in the long run.

I’ve never been one to count on anyone for help, I’m the one who normally gets sh*t done! Part of my submissive journey was opening myself up to count on my husband. I’ve changed the dialogue in my head from ‘i’m failing’ to He’s taking care of me and helping. He is doing His job.

I’m not sure I could be here without some serious mental anguish if we hadn’t embarked on this kinky journey. Go figure! *chuckle*


10 thoughts on “My ‘Dom’ – it’s more than kink!

  1. Psst, hey you there, yes you the little bunny, come here I’ve got a secret to tell you. Being a dominant has nothing at all to do with getting your needs and wants met that’s not what it’s aboht , at least not for a lot of us it’s about caring for and nurturing those who we care about. Now kitten is a little kitten with tricky knees and that vacuum is so big so I do that, not because she askes but because it’s easier. We take care of each other and the dynamic works around that, just like yours works for you.

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    1. Oh I know it all too well my friend! It’s usually ‘my’ role and that’s what makes it difficult to accept. I think that’s what makes it difficult for many strong women and why so many marriages suffer because of it, but that’s a story for another time. 🙂

      That darn vacuum, it’s my nemesis as well … 😛 Bear says it doesn’t matter if he’s worked all day, when He vacuums His back doesn’t hurt. When I vacuum I can’t walk afterwards …. I guess it’s a ‘DOM issue’ now! *raspberries*

      Hope you guys are doing well, haven’t heard much from over yonder!


    2. Her well being is my responsibility first and foremost. I know she has trouble “just sitting and staying” but this is what she needs to do. For both of us.

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  2. One of the hardest thing to do is give over something to your Dom that you perceive as your ‘job’. It took a while to understand that if S. does the vacuuming I am not laid up for days. Then I thought I was actually servicing him by looking after myself for him. I do all the jobs I can and either leave the ones I can’t until I can or let my darling S. do things for me. Doing the vacuuming is not a matter of submission it is good sense.
    ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. ‘servicing him by looking after myself’ yup, that was pretty much the switch that happened with the venture into the lifestyle. For me it’s not really about my job or submitting, it’s about cutting myself some slack. I’m a perfectionist, not being able to do something, anything was not something I could live with before. Doing it for Him, as part of my submission makes it okay in my brain.

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