Ah, Monday!

I’m spoiled in my marriage, i have no doubt about that. I’m not going to say i’m lucky because i don’t believe in luck, but i will say that we both acknowledge and appreciate each other and what we have. We both are mindful everyday to bring our best foot forward in this relationship and to make sure actions and words are always done to elevate each other not to tear us down.

It’s not always easy and it is most certainly not luck but it is very much worth it. As a result …. i feel very spoiled. *smiles*

Mondays and back to work always have a very distinct feel from the weekend hours. The weekend find me almost always in physical contact with the Bear. Whether He is brushing my backside with His fingers as He walks by or holding my hand when we are out and about. Sometimes it’s the feel of His hand on the back of my neck if we are talking to someone or other more intimate touches when there is no one about. There is almost constant physical sensation ….

Monday leaves a very obvious void …..

6 thoughts on “Ah, Monday!

    1. Weekends are good …. 5 o’clock is pretty good too! Once the work day is done it’s about us again. 🙂

      We like to keep things as quiet as possible but on busy evenings we normally do things together anyway. Like tonight for example, we are going for groceries … not sexy on it’s own but i can normally drum up enough naughtiness! *wink* If He hasn’t already thought of something first! LoL

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