So tell me ….

Since I have some things hopping through my little bunny brain … I’m curious!

If you know things that make your dominant happy, ritualistic posturing things, that he doesn’t often call for BUT when you do them of your own desire alone He always comments on how happy He is to see it, or be surprised by it …..

If you choose to go ahead and do those things without being asked but they are in fact BDSM type rituals. Are you pushing your boundaries and topping? Or are you simply doing your best to be pleasing and reinforce the dynamic?

Does it mainly depend on what energy you are coming into the room with? What your true intentions are ….

The Bear doesn’t often ask for much, you just never know when the opportunity will show itself around here, too many eyes and ears about usually. There is no denying the charge of energy i see in His eyes and in His body when i am able to surprise Him though.


18 thoughts on “So tell me ….

  1. I would say it depends on the relationship. But from what I know, its not topping from the bottom, its you being you. And there’s nothing wrong with being forward thinking and anticipating needs, or doing things without being asked. Dominants like smart submissives. It gets tiring having to give orders on every little thing.

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    1. Thanks, Leathers! I appreciate your thoughts on this, i know you’ve been around long enough to have an honest but open view of things.
      BTW Happy Anniversary! I didn’t want to intrude on the post, it felt rather personal in nature. 🙂

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  2. I suppose everyone has their individual dynamic but many Bears love their smart bunnies because bunny has taken the time to learn every detail of His desires for her. She can read Him and use what she knows to renergize Bear with her Energizer Bunny ways. I say, you will know what to do and when because you can read Bear and give him most what He needs. Go ahead. He’ll let you know if a change is needed.

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    1. I think that’s it in a nutshell! The beginnings of my foray into this ‘lifestyle’ saw me thinking that He was supposed to be changing things to ‘better suit’ Him …. problem is i know Him so well that there was not much to change! *chuckle* I quit trying to find wisdom elsewhere after that.

      Energizer bunny! tee hee, that’s funny, He says that to me too! I can do the ‘walk’ you know … *wink* He likes the way it wiggles my tail! :O LoL

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      1. LoL, 😆. My bunny is Asian born under the Chinese Zodiac of the Rabbit and me, the Ram. Our charts say we are the most compatible. She is also an Energizer Bunny and when she does that wiggle walk and giggle talk….I can’t escape the big smile it puts on my face 😍 She got the mojo cookin’

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      1. Isn’t that the best? What I find most admirable here is that unity of purpose in fullfillment. That is what is needed most in a relationship. There can be only one King and one Queen in any domain. When those roles are confused or contested, the kingdom falls. I’ve rarely met any couples who exude that strength as much as I see here. I find it unique and inspiring.

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      2. Those are some seriously complimentary words, we both thank you for that! I’m going to be careful not to let me head get too large with it though, a bunny with a bobble head is NOT sexy! *giggle*
        Seriously though, thank you that’s very kind. 😀

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      3. Don’t let my admiration of you and Mr. Bear finding that balance of Yin and Yang change or influence anything or any thought. True, it’s better to maintain a middle bobble than an upper bobble or else one might experience a topple or tumble so to speak. The two of you are doing great things to demonstrate how partners can balance their lives in healthy and exciting ways. Often I ask, does the sun diminish us by holding us captive to its gravity and forcing us to bask in his light. He reminds us in the seasons that this dominant relationship is the essence of life and what better lesson than to emerge from the winter into the spring where all things bloom in love. I don’t expect answers but do appreciate smiles that flash on the face of those that get it. I think the Bunny and the Bear get it.

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  3. I wouldn’t say it was pushing boundaries and topping no, I’d say it was active submission. But like all things in this thing, everyone will ways and means that suit them. Rightly so. And if you took all the labellings and shoulds and shouldn’ts and external noise around it all it is just expressing love, attention and connection. My tuppenceworth, for what it’s worth.

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    1. Active submission is how I view it as well, if He doesn’t want it He knows how to stop it. Thanks for chiming in Kis, it’s always interesting to see how others view things. Seems so far it’s all on the same ‘wave length’! Lol

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    1. I think it may be more of a personality trait here as well. The business of the house doesn’t help but i really think it’s just a big part of the Bear’s way of being just in general.
      Thanks, Dragon Faerie!


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