Silly really

The weekend’s coming, i always get excited for the weekend. It’s not that we are going anywhere or doing anything super special. It’s just a bit quieter and calmer, no work to run to and come home from tired and distracted. Nothing to have to switch gears from. ๐Ÿ˜€

It’s just us …. well and the boys. The house is never empty, but some day! That reminds me, when does the walking dead start up again??? Not soon enough! *giggle*

Bear says He has some Evil ideas for when the house is our own. I guess we’ll see if it’s just messing with my head or if He actually means it!

I’m not very easy to mess with though, not much throws me off-balance. Not sure if anything does these days!! *chuckle* Most of what i read out there is things that i would have done anyway. Before we had kids i naturally did all these things anyway that are supposed to be ‘taboo’ in vanilla life.

The things we don’t do are things that are on both of our hard limits list anyway …. we are well matched that way.

Anyway, weekend is upon us, i’m excited. i always have some interesting ideas running through my head, maybe this weekend i’ll give some of them a try! *wink* We’ve been under the weather but hopefully that clears up enough, for both of us!

Getting excited at my age, silly really …. oh well. Happy Friday all!

4 thoughts on “Silly really

  1. I get excited for weekends so I can relax and put down school runs and work pressures and all that stuff! And hopefully play and snuggle….but thatโ€™s another type of excitement ๐Ÿ˜‰

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