Romanticized Life

Been having an interesting and fun conversation recently that has brought me back to my romanticized notion of what we do. I like to normally pull from things that are more practical for the sake of being understood but this post is more for fun, and for me! *chuckle*

I haven’t time to explain it all and unless you ‘know’ it likely won’t matter anyway. *wink* But as the site title says …. Dragons, Warriors and rabbits!

And a blast from a past post …. I’ve always liked this one! 😉


6 thoughts on “Romanticized Life

    1. LoL Thanks, Winnie! Anyone thinking to find a weak and mild creature here because i am His submissive will be very sadly disappointed! *wink*

      I’m glad to see you back, it’s been a long while. I hope you guys are doing okay!

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      1. Well thank you, both of you!
        I hope things keep going in a positive direction. It sounds like you have a good support network, I’m glad you have that, that’s important.

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