Like a hummingbird ….

We had some social time this weekend, it’s not my first choice for spending my free time but I do enjoy it. Most often! *wink*

The Bear enjoys taking me out, i think He likes showing me off and … well, He likes that i don’t often have any shortage of attention!

imagesHe watches me flutter like a hummingbird, hovering in one area for a bit then off to the next, and then the next … always to come back to land in His arms.

Everyone else seems to notice that too ….. there was no shortage of comments made. It’s becoming pretty common.

I learned how to socialize by watching Him, now a days He watches me! LoL It’s funny the amount of personal growth you can have by appreciating the strengths of others. I could have begrudged Him that all those years ago but i didn’t.

I realized from the beginning that He was my exact opposite and my perfect complement. My weaknesses were His strengths and His acceptance and encouragement helped me to find my own way.

I learned my value by getting a glimpse of what He saw and I became stronger still. I listened, i learned, i grew …

I hope i’ve been able to give Him something in return! ❤

6 thoughts on “Like a hummingbird ….

    1. Thank you for saying so, that’s very kind!
      I’ve always been in the center of things, that’s never been a problem i just never really cared to be social. Friends of mine have always been the ‘lone wolf’ types like me so this has opened up a brand new world that i likely wouldn’t have bothered to see otherwise. 🙂

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      1. Well I don’t think i’ll ever crave it! *chuckle* but i can tolerate it now! LoL That sounds awful i know, i don’t mean it to be, i’m just very happy alone ….. ‘peopleing’ exhausts me. I need my solitude. 🙂

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  1. You have shown me many things that I would have never seen or even thought to look for in our years together. I do enjoy taking you out to show off what I /we have knowing you will always come back to my arms.


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