Emerging from the den …

fyi…. a bit early perhaps!

Every time i sit to write this happens:

writing writing writing …. that’s all that comes to my head … writing writing writing! No more … so this will be a bit of a jumble!

Monday will be here soon and with that so is back to school and back to work. The cubs will need teaching and protecting once more. I’ve often referred to us as a wolf pack and something about winter brings that back full circle, again,

Maybe it’s that i sit and watch the documentaries on tv, they always remind me of just how much my life and inner circle revolves around basic primal needs. That’s how i run my life, my family, it has never been anything more than that.

It clashes greatly with everything i see and read about the dynamic, about D/s, but there it is. Like the alpha female of the pack i have many responsibilities. I run the pack in many ways and show leadership and self-reliance without that taking away from my place ‘under’ Him.

He is bigger and stronger than me but i most certainly pull my own weight and have my own following. It’s just a simple way of life, a hierarchy.


I show Him I’m His every so often and then i go about the rest of my business.

My place in the pack is too important to do it any other way, and if i wasn’t as strong as i am he wouldn’t have picked me to be by His side anyway. *shrug*

The wolf is my spirit animal, i tap into that whenever i need, i need it now. The new year brings new challenges and new adventures.

I’m ready!

The ‘break’ has been less than exciting, not much happening outside of a few family get togethers, that’s fine with me. Not sure if The Bear has missed out on some social time because of it but if He has He hasn’t mentioned it.

There hasn’t been much in regards to ‘play’ but then i haven’t exactly been setting off those ‘vibes’ either. It sets Him into a strange place, i can tell. He just seems a bit ‘off’, distant?, ‘in His head’ …. perhaps that’s the term. He starts looking for ways to fill the time, make busy as they say.

I think we have tapped into something that He didn’t know He needed, quite so badly. That’s the danger of this thing we do isn’t it? Once you get into it you might not be able to get back out.

The first week off was between Christmas and New Years and the second saw me starting my cycle. That’s not normally a time we play because my physical issues that stem from that right now are just too severe. Throw in a cold ‘bug’ and the fact that i need to chase the youngest around all day to get him caught up on his schooling before it starts again ….. and the two weeks are practically over! (His meds seem to be working and he seems much better at getting things done and having the energy, both emotionally and physically now that we changed things around, to get the job done BUT that means we have a lot of catch up from the time before … )

I seem to be back to ‘rights’ ATM and the weekend is upon us, let’s hope for a bit of time to reconnect before it all gets back into full swing! I could use some serious time away from the ‘trials’ of life and out of my head but i’m not sure just how far we can get. I’m not sure how much time we can sneak away before someone comes calling or someone needs something.

Like i said, perhaps emerging a bit TOO early!

Having young adult children was supposed to afford me a bit more time, not less.

When we were young and alone our sex life was very primal. We might not have used toys and chains but the tone was most certainly set. He has always been adventurous and I have always been animalistic. In the moment and unabashed ….

Sometimes, in these quiet moments, i feel the hunger to have that back with the addition of the most intense and freeing froms of our BDSM. We have tasted it, we have seen the power and the seduction.

For now we wait …… and the hunger grows.

9 thoughts on “Emerging from the den …

  1. Love the connection to wolves. The Wolf is also my spirit animal and so enjoyed the photos as well. I sometimes think an unplanned constraint to desire and fulfillment is good for our feral needs. Anticipation kept just below the boil until it time is right can energize any activity and especially the expression of passion.

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    1. Nothing makes me feel more alive than being wild, hungry and on the hunt, I admit! LoL Well, maybe one thing but I don’t write about that! *wink*

      Your stories recently have been stroking the wild fires within, between the rope and the wolf keeper, i’m getting hungrier all the time! LoL Very nicely done, BTW. I am enjoying the circle of power and energy that you are describing. 😀 I can relate to the female characters and the way they lead and shape life by ‘submitting’. *wink*

      Thanks for your comment!!

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      1. 😁 great points! I think you understand more closely the balance needed between the Yin and Yang and how that balance is maintained. Women can wield tremendous power in shaping and focusing the male energy in the right direction. Modern times have warped this primal relationship and as a result there is a great and suffering divide. Stay true to your wolf.

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      2. I’ve touched on this before but I don’t think anyone else really understood, so thank you for the affirmation!

        The more submissive i am to Him the more powerful i become over Him, it’s a cycle of energy. I don’t mean it in a way contrary to the dynamic but that doesn’t seem to flow well with others! LoL

        If He wasn’t my dominant i would have no power over Him and if i wasn’t His submissive He would have no power over me either. When we are in our respective roles we feel strong and happy, that’s just the way it works. Like you said, our primal relationship needs.

        When we try to bend it into something more complicated it falls apart. It leads to people chasing a ‘feeling’ that’s just not necessary for the relationship to work. In my view it’s contrary to what i need. I don’t want to feel ‘submissive’ all the time, i want to feel strong and powerful. It’s then that i can submit that power over to Him, and feed His beastly side. Feed and calm the beast, claim the man! 😉 LoL My view anyway …. but now i’ve rambled on …

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      3. You are very much in tune with how a relationship should evolve with the owning and sharing of power together and separate. I adopted Asian philosophy and molded it into a way of life that is suitable for me. They believed the woman was the recharger of energy and the male was the consumer. Together, it was the woman that sustained her man’s life force in positive energy. For this to work, she had to give her life force to the man in much the same way as her life creates and sustains the unborn child. But, to continue in good health the man must also give back to the woman to sustain her. In this relationship it was like taking care of a fruit bearing tree and in taking great care, the tree provided fruit for the man to eat. The cycle of life. We have since proved this in biological and neurological terms but the old Asian nature based metaphorical explanations appealed to me as a bit more romantic than sustaining electro-chemical processes encoded in our dna. Regardless, to deny or defy the foundations of our innate nature is a formula for disaster. I have been flagging my post notifications from your site because I do admire your view of things. My problem is life affords me little time to read, but I do read every spare moment and look forward to more. All the best to you, Mr. Bear, and the wolfpack. 😄

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      4. Firstly let me apologize for my delay in responding. My evening and weekend hours are normally dedicated to the Bear and the pack unless they have other plans! LoL

        I’m a science and biology student as well, i know just where you are going with that. Brain development and sociology are also strong interests of mine but like you i prefer to think on it (when in life) as a more romantic version of the flow of energy and our life force!

        The balance between women and men has been written about since the beginning of time but the pendulum continues to swing way out of balance in society and so very few ever really grasp what it is to be in sink both with our partners and with the world in general.

        Perhaps it’s my romanticized preference that allowed me to own and respect my power as a woman and appreciate and value His power as a man? Who knows, it works here is all I know and if it was ‘wrong’ the story would have likely died off years ago! *wink*

        I’m flattered by the dedication of your time, I hope I am able to make the read and wait worth while! *smiles*

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      5. Hi nijnje! Thank you for the reply. No problem at all with a delay, and fully worth the wait. I appreciate that you could provide more insight. I find your views refreshing and well informed. I too prefer the romantic aspects and when it works, it works the way it is supposed to. You have a great attitude and Mr. Bear and the pack are indeed lucky to have won your devotion. I wish you all the best.

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