Not much in the mood for writing lately ….

This guy was kind of famous around these parts.

This is about how excited i am lately about the holidays and people ….. it’s not a religious song btw. *wink* not really …..

I have a belief that we, humans, are capable of greatness but i also don’t think it will ever really happen.

Here’s to the few who might, like me, still be trying to make this world a great one.

There’s a blaze of light in every word
It doesn’t matter which you heard
The holy or the broken Hallelujah

I need a break from humans, and the holiday season is just ramping up. I’m not the slightest bit excited …. Kitten wrote a little post on the winter nest, i like that idea!ย  LoL If it was deep in the woods somewhere with no one around and no ‘connections’ …. that would be best.

You can’t say things like these, people assume there is something wrong. That you are upset or depressed or something. I’m not, i’m just not in the mood. Not in the mood to ‘play nice’ and be smiley and make everyone else feel good.

That’s what I normally do, I take care that everyone around me has a good time, has what they need. Has the shoulder they need to rely on or the guidance they require to keep moving. I add strength to those who need it, provide some ideas and a plan for those who are looking.

I do things without being asked and I do it mostly in the background. I don’t need credit or attention but I am always there.

When I don’t feel like playing nice … well I keep that to myself. I don’t need people around me, I don’t need family, friends and good times. That confuses people because of course that’s what ‘everyone’ wants, right? Yeah not so much.

INTJ, that’s me. Not much there that doesn’t fit. I’m different and people think they know, think they ‘are too’ but they are not.

This year i’m feeling less connected to ‘them’ and more inside my head right now. I like that, it’s not an ‘issue’ it’s just me. I don’t want to explain so I hide it and i go along with what society thinks i should be doing at parties.

But I am not looking forward to it.

The Bear is the people person, and it’s His family and friends we will be seeing so i’ll go along, put on a happy face and play nice. the boys will cut out early i’m sure … lucky them.

FWIW this is one of my favourite winter songs …. it’s not about anything bad, leave it alone people … take it in context, it’s 1940’s style flirting. That’s all!

‘rant’ over …. ciao!

11 thoughts on “Not much in the mood for writing lately ….

  1. I hope you can get the break you need, and can make a cosy nest too. As an ENTJ I find it interesting that youโ€™re an INTJ but thatโ€™s another conversation for another time. Bunny ears here when and if you want them ๐Ÿฐ xx PS love Dean Martin ๐Ÿ’• reminds me of my grandad.

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    1. Thanks Kis! I will do my best to hide away for just as long as i can!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Funny, you remind me of another ENTJ that i met online. I can see the connection.

      Interesting you say? How so ?? INTJ’s are always ready for a good interesting idea or concept! LoL You know the email …. *smiles*

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      1. LoL touche!

        Burrowing from people though, not from thinking …. that’s one of my favourite past times *grin*

        It would be a distraction from all the other irons currently in the fire! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  2. Just a quick update it’s warm and cozy here at our nest in an undisclosed location. Amazon has drop shipped all our presents to the house we will be joining the kids via teleconference for Christmas so we can watch them unwrap them, but under no circumstances are we leaving the nest. I’m with you I’ve had my fill of Christmas and if people for the season. Oh and if somebody could send food and water supplies are running a little low here in the nest. Regards to the bear and the boys

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    1. Sounds just about perfect! LoL I’ll do my best with the supplies but under the circumstance, i don’t know where to send them! undisclosed location, remember …. perhaps i’ll ask Santa to drop them when he flies over head. Can you wait till then!?!?! *giggle*


  3. Rant on. I hope little Christmas miracles in this season for you. Hope your spirit finds warmth and joy.
    Wishing you and yours the most beautiful and heartwarming holiday season.

    By the way, yes, it was just a delightful holiday song. Nothing more. But small minded people thik otherwise.
    Bunch of Scrooges.

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    1. Scrooges indeed! Did you hear they want Santa to be gender neutral? But why??? Have we gone from trying to understand each other to making it ‘wrong’ to be something … anything, like man or woman? So what now, Santa Claus and his, oopps …erm, ‘other’ Claus live in the North Pole?
      Inclusivity means we CAN’T have genders? Is that it? (still ranting, now see what you did!) *chuckle*
      K, back to well wishes and small miracles … gottcha! ๐Ÿ˜€

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