Middle ground

Life on the other side of this swing has been pretty awful lately.

Life on this side of the swing has been pretty fricken good!

(*not the boys, but the people/doctors i’ve been dealing with)

***** ***** *****

My youngest has been acting up a bit these past couple of weeks.

The Bear and i have taken some liberties these past few weeks.

The house is still never our own, we do run the risk of something being heard.

We are still keeping things mostly tame and using things that are ‘quieter’ when we do bump things up ….

***** ***** *****

We changed his meds slightly, but they really shouldn’t have effected him this way. We are hoping perhaps they just make him tired so we are changing when he takes them. Let’s hope that’s all it is!

***** ***** *****

We ramp things up and he ‘ramps’ things up in his behaviours, in a bad way ….

Do we need to go back to the middle? To keep everyone balanced?

I really hope not!

double-elliptical pendulum motion

Photo Credit

I really enjoy the motions of playing on the edges ……

Playing on the edge helps to manage the other side of the swinging pendulum of life.

6 thoughts on “Middle ground

    1. That’s what i’m afraid of, having to rest in the middle again.
      This is all referring to play, in case someone out there didn’t realize. Life, dynamic, connection, they are all strong i just don’t want to have to put most of the play away again. UGH

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