In a mood …

I’m in a bad mood today, I’m not sure why but i am.

It didn’t start off that way, i was in a good mood this morning, tired but good! I haven’t been sleeping well lately and that probably has a lot to do with it.

We’ve also been getting deeper and deeper into this connection and my mental sub space. I think i might finally be coming down from the ‘weekend’! I don’t mean that the time and energy isn’t there, i mean the actual chemical down from all the ‘attention’ Bear has been giving me.

I had the middle of the day to myself today, i kept trying to get a nap in because i am just completely exhausted. Naps are not usual for me but i think today it would be wise ….

Every time i started to doze off someone or something would wake me. I think i’m MORE tired now then i was before i tried to get some rest! UGH

I’ve got two very busy hours of work this afternoon and i’m just holding my breath that i manage without too much fuss!

Then i think i will ‘crash’ into a nice, fuzzy, warm Bear! ❤

When you’re tired everything seems to hurt more ……


8 thoughts on “In a mood …

  1. Oh Nijntje I know exactly what you mean. I get like that and I do warn everyone around me that I am grumpy, mad and bad mooded so they can avoid me lol. I tend to think it is the other side of the pendulum swing. Usually they come after I have been over the moon happy and content. I think that it is just the natural balancing of moods but that is just my idea. I do, after the mood is gone, apologise to everyone that has felt my ire.

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    1. I’ve heard you can be quite the fire cracker! *wink* LoL

      A strong cup of 1 1/2 x caffeine coffee and my eyelids started to lift again, the mood lifted with it! thank goodness … my son put some on for me.

      I guess *mood* is relative, isn’t it? For me a bad mood is just not a *good* one. I’m normally cheery and bouncy all the time, when i’m not, well it feels wrong! Bear worries when i’m not sporting a big goofy grin, because it’s just not normal for me, but i’ve just been exhausted and i guess yesterday it caught up.


      1. I’ve been wronged and misquoted I never said firecracker! I believe it’s stick of dynamite is what I said, lol glad to hear the mood lifted. I read the post yesterday decided self preservation was in order and slowly and silently backed out of the room and took my flip comment with me, it was hard.

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      2. *chuckle* You shouldn’t have! A good laugh often lifts the eyelids and subsequently, in my case anyway, the mood!!

        And my bad …. dynamite it is!! *giggle*


  2. Imagine PMS on steroids kind of bad mood and you have run out of Evening Primrose. Either S. hides or I lock myself away. A nice walk outside lifts my mood. I used to live close to the beach and a walk along the shoreline used to do it. Stick of dynamite indeed. Thankfully it doesn’t last long. Thank you both for making me giggle. ❤ ❤

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    1. Sheesh, no wonder poor S runs for the hills!!! LoL
      A good walk has always done wonders to ease the soul, when i was a bit healthier we walked every day, so much so that we finally got dogs!! *chuckle*


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