What would*you* like to know?

I haven’t got much to write about these days. Nothing i haven’t already written over the past few years and i am not really one to repeat myself. So, what do you guys want to know. Anyone have a question or opinion that they would like to hear about?

Maybe i can get inspired! *chuckle*

I’ve been thinking about a review on the weighted princess plugs …..

I just haven’t had the push to write here lately, been doing some else where. I’d like a brighter, easier topic for a while.

Balance, …… you know!

Suggestions or questions?

7 thoughts on “What would*you* like to know?

    1. That’s correct, mostly. Kink wise although we did play around with some things that are apparently taboo, we didn’t start knowing and understanding it was kink until after FSoG. A friend had asked me if i had read them, i said no, not interested but it kind of went from there. Not a fan BTW, but that did start the search into kinks and how to do them.

      The rest came as a byproduct of the research. Not right away, but i found a site that was more about life and less about sex. It explained to the Bear from a male perspective what i couldn’t. I’m old school, to me i just want a ‘Man’ …. apparently we call that a dominant! Who knew …

      I wanted someone who could stand as strong as me, beside me. A partner of equal strength and honour.


    1. Well, i’m not sure i have one action i could really pin point, to me it’s an all over calm and security of knowing that i have a partner, someone to help carry the load of life and sometimes even just take care for me … so i don’t always have to be on task. It’s the knowledge that i can take a break from all the responsibility of life and it won’t all fall apart without me!

      But you probably wanted to know about a kinky action! LoL Hard to pick one because i think it tends to vary depending on His energy, but when He lasers my backside to remove any remaining hairs …. that tends to do it! πŸ˜›


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