Our trial run, so far.

We are a good way through our trial run of the new additions to our regular routine. A couple of things have been ‘bumped up’ a bit to add to our dynamic and over all feel of D/s. So far so good, but we have had to make a few changes without delay …. such is life, right?

We wanted a trial run to see if it was actually feasible and i think we picked probably the busiest time of year to try it!! *chuckle* We didn’t really take that into consideration but it has certainly shown us the worst case scenario, time wise and for extras added on top of regular day-to-day stuff!

I guess if it works now it should work pretty much any time. It was tempting to ask for more in the beginning but i’m glad i kept my suggestions simple. *smiles* Some days Sir adds more and some days, when we are both exhausted it stays simple. Either way i feel the connection is made obvious and it also has a built-in time slot for turning an everyday conversation into a power exchange one.

I like that it makes things ‘settled’ for me and shows Him exactly what i might need clarification on.

I also like that He is the one to initiate both of these things, it makes me feel like ‘me’ and ‘this dynamic’ are important enough to put energy into, plus i see the look in His eyes! 😉  The look that says ‘I’m doing this because you are Mine and that’s all the reason I need’!

The physical positioning of these things fuels His dominance, the fact that He’s the one ‘speaking it’ fuels my submission. Doing it even when i’m too tired, distracted or not ‘in the mood’, well that just reinforces it for both of us!

I’m not saying that it’s not welcome, i’m not often ‘not ready’, but some times aches and pains or exhaustion does come into play. Thinking about getting into or holding a position until He joins me might feel daunting at times BUT those are the days that i appreciate His consistency the most. Those are the days that prove to both of us that this is more than just a game, that we are both invested even when it doesn’t feel so sexy or ‘hot’!

Those are the days that i ultimately find the most comfort in submitting to Him. That’s when i need Him in control the most. 😀

Happy Wednesday! ❤


6 thoughts on “Our trial run, so far.

  1. Even the days when we are tired, making the connection seems to balance us both. Being consistent keeps you on my mind and feeds my dominance. Bear

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