Hopeless (expletive deleted) Romantic — Owning It Outright

Lost adrift in sweet dreams of her. Soaring and wheeling sky high in auroral romance bright. Unashamed and unrepentant. Lingering in bliss. Abiding in light. Invoking cliches without a care. Not even bothering to rhyme anymore. As happy soul as I can can be. Puzzle Me. Honey Bee. There. That rhymes.

via Hopeless (expletive deleted) Romantic — Owning It Outright

I find myself in a wonderfully good mood despite all the ‘other’ stuff in life right now. Then I read this …. yup, it explains it.

I imagine most of you already know this wonderful writer, but if you don’t … check it out! 😀

I think i’ll just let this be the ‘record’ that plays on and on in my head today. Well that and the ‘naughty rabbit’ bits …. *raspberries* LoL

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