Fantasy on hold, imagination’s not! ;)

Bear is working this morning, well both mornings this weekend. UGH I really don’t like that idea but that’s what He’s decided. I’m thinking on how to make the best of it, i know why He decided to work, it’s mostly for my sake anyway.

Since my physical issues started to become worse i have dropped 75% of my income. That’s a good chunk …. it’s been well over a year now, so that’s a long time too. These past two weeks we’ve had to buy a new mattress and fix the truck plus get the tires checked and serviced. None of that is cheap …

I hate debt, of any sort and the Bear knows that. It plays on my mind and i don’t rest until i know a way out of it. So Bear has decided to work this weekend to make sure those things are covered without so much as a hiccup to our finances. I get that, so i’m doing my part to make the best of the time i have.

The last few weeks have also been h3ll on me stress wise, so i could have used a couple of days of being ‘at His service’ and nothing else. The two additions we made have been working out fairly well so far. There have been a couple of times already where my mind wasn’t invested, but as soon as i got into ‘position’ to wait for Him, that started to change.

I asked Him if i could take the liberty of taking some things out to spark His imagination and to show Him where my needs are at. He is looking forward to using my ‘helpfulness’ against me, i can see it in the Evil twinkle in His eyes when He said oh yes, please do! *raspberries*

All in the very best ways, it’s all consensual of course but you take half of the fun out of it if i don’t pout and protest and pretend i don’t actually ‘like’ what He’s doing …. (for those reading who might not be as familiar with the dynamics and how they ‘really’ work. *wink)

So i’m using my imagination and my voice and i’ll let Him know what i’m hoping for, He’ll take that into consideration and decide what to do with it. Yup, that’s the way it really works here, team work.

I’m glad we’ve been able to add a bit more play to our lives again, the stress levels around here would be over the top without some sort of release …. but it’s still up to me to relay my needs. He still can’t read my mind.

Happy Saturday!

(Are these snipbits helpful to those of you trying to understand the what and how of this? I know a good part of my following is not ‘lifestylers’.)

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