More and more ..

I find myself in an interesting position, one that i’ve been in before. Since we both have the mental energy to focus a bit more on the fun and more obvious rituals for our dynamic we have added to it.

Sir wanted some suggestions on how to enhance two of the things that we do daily anyway, but just make them ‘more’.

Well, you don’t have to ask this rabbit twice! *smirk* There is never any shortage of ideas in this brain …. but these are not just kinky ideas, these are things that i also believe will work on His mindset and mine. Enhance the fun but also the over all feeling, the vibe that we move forward with.

We started with two things which i think is already a lot of change over night but since they are already established routines, just enhanced, i think it will be doable.  So far so good ….

Which leads me to this ‘place’ in time, a place we all go to now and then. The place where things are going well, the focus is where we want it to be and we are ready … to … run! Yeah, not this time. I have no interest in falling into a sub-frenzy ….

The things we are adding need to be things that can be maintained, no matter how busy or tired or whatever …. it needs to be consistent and non-negotiable, baring any major issue with illness of course. They need to be real, meaningful and help make a significant contribution to the strength of the dynamic that we want to maintain.

With all this in mind we have picked some meaningful but simple actions to incorporate. They can all be added to of course, when time and inspiration strikes Him! *wink* But they don’t need to be time-consuming or complicated, just repeated.

Sir likes visual representations of submission, it fuels His dominance and spirit. I’ve suggested just that type of thing and He has decided on what we will try for now. It’s on a two-week trial after which we will sit and review the rituals and decide together if anything needs to be changed.

I’m focusing on paying attention to how i feel and what works best. i’m focused on making sure to note anything that might take away from the experience and take away from helping me transition from kicking @ss all day, to just being His.

My physical issues need to be taken into account as well and i think two weeks will give an honest look at what is feasible and what really is not ….

I know my husband well, i’ve watched and learned His ways for over 20 years.

I’m now learning about my Dominant, and i’m learning about my submission, it’s a joint effort. Ever evolving.


21 thoughts on “More and more ..

    1. So simple yet so difficult to grasp when you are faced with opinions and labels and ‘not topping’ blah blah blah …..

      i finally figured out that submission is not about sitting back and being quiet, that doesn’t work for Him. i think there might be others out there fighting those same feelings.


  1. You truly are my GOOD GIRL.😀 You do know me better than anyone. These additions to our rituals are what was needed for the “more” we were looking for. So far so great.😀

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