Christmas Music?

Read a post this morning asking about a favourite …. if you had one. Well, since i hijacked all the music posts last year i think i’ll sit this one out. But …

I love this remake. It’s not about Santa or gingerbread but the message is still there and the style is one of my favs. Plus of course …. Kenny!! *big grin*

If you watch to the very end you will get a glimpse of what type of man he really is, that’s the truth of why i like him so much. 🙂  And this is certainly NOT overplayed … LoL

Hope you enjoy! ❤

10 thoughts on “Christmas Music?

      1. Yes! Different than what we normally hear. The one with the lowest voice reminds me of my son’s singing as well, so there is that! LoL Plus it puts a ‘hop’ in my step, every time. 😀

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  1. So time to get out the well worn Kenny and Dolly Christmas CD. Nothing puts a smile on a bunny’s face and a hop in her step like that one.😀 Can’t wait .

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