A new kink?

We’ve been experimenting lately with new things and ideas, quieter things! *wink* I think i have found a new kink? Not sure if it qualifies as a new kink exactly or just an extension ….

I am getting quite the charge from having my upper arms caned!! Between my shoulder and elbow …. it leaves me in quite a state quite quickly. It starts to put me into subspace almost immediately and very sexually aroused.

Whoa …… ! I dare say that He took me to the brink of orgasm with that act alone. We didn’t push it any further, yet, time was short and so many things we wanted to try out … πŸ˜› Besides, it’s fun to have something ‘new’ to look forward to for another day!

Anyone else have this?

Happy Monday!

13 thoughts on “A new kink?

      1. Actually….now that you’ve mentioned it, it is kinda sensitive there, isn’t it. Or maybe it’s just wishful thinking or the power of suggestion or something….but still….hmm…. πŸ™‚

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      2. Honestly i think it’s just another affirmation of my masochism. It is a sensitive area and so much easier to elicit the intensity of pain/sting. That type of thing has a direct line to ….. uh, you know! *wink*

        I found out long ago that i don’t require sexual stimulation to orgasm, only the right amount of pain. *shrug* Go figure!

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      3. Yeah, I know….the uh….winky.

        And you know what? When I was younger I used to be able to get there just with the right kind of kiss and holding hands. No touchy feely at all, just tongues and lips and touching finger tips.
        Jeez, I really miss that. Those O’s were THE best.

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      4. Oh yes, the energy that seems to go from point of contact to the genitals through your body instantly! You can almost trace the route, you can certainly feel it that way! πŸ˜‰

        When the mind and body align! Ooooo Yes! *giggle*

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    1. Well the area did make it more noteworthy but i think it’s the sensation itself that caused the reaction. πŸ™‚ Either way, a cool way to spend the weekend! I love finding out new things, it’s as fulfilling as pushing limits. Of course when the ‘new change’ is for the worst, well that’s not so cool! LoL

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