D/s teasing, bunnies can do it too, you know!

Sir told me this morning, after setting out his tasks, that He was going to be in training today and probably half of tomorrow as well.

That means that there won’t likely be much time to catch up through the day. *pout*

Life happens right … so this afternoon when He did have a moment i asked:

‘So, do you get a collar at the end of your training too, Sir’?!?! πŸ˜›

19 thoughts on “D/s teasing, bunnies can do it too, you know!

      1. LoL Chicken, nah …. resourceful, yes! πŸ˜‰ But if you’re going to use that as an excuse to set yourself on the side lines ….. *raspberries*
        Mighty bunny’s got this! *wink* Cheerio!


      2. Hey hey…I never said anything about being on the sidelines, wabbit. Besides, it’s *my* idea.

        But if Mighty Agent bunbun is going to go for the gusto, I’ll just wait and see how deep the hole is she gets into. Should prove interesting! *Cackle* Cheerio and bon chance!

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      3. Bear seems to be enjoying, so i guess i’ll keep digging!! πŸ˜‰ you only live once right? Might as well have some fun while you’re at it!


      4. So long as he’s in a good mood, get out the power equipment I say! Of course, he’s unlikely to lower the boom on me if things get out of whack, right? Pass me that detonator, willya?


      5. lol don’t blow up the den now! He won’t be in a good mood after that … besides, it’s getting cold around these parts. I’ll need somewhere to cuddle after all the fun! *wink*


    1. LoL I knoowww, isn’t it ‘awful’?? I suffer from BBS (bored bunny syndrome) it causes one to create mischief and trouble! It normally triggers kinky thoughts and smug laughter from Bears! After He catches said bunny of course! πŸ˜‰

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  1. Lol funny bunny!! Bored bunnies are trouble for sure. Although they are certainly fun to be around. Oh, and there will be no shock collar on this Bear! Maybe a new toy on the bunny but that’s all😈

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