Learning styles, communication styles and frustration.

Right now i’m trying very hard not to be a very frustrated rabbit.

Sir and i have VERY different personalities, exact opposites to be specific.

We also have VERY different communication styles and in turn learning styles. It doesn’t help that i never forget anything and can easily start from where i left off.

Since we are ramping things up again, or at least trying to … i’m ready to take off running and He is much more cautious and well, slow.

It feels like 6 years ago all over again and i’m really not happy about it.

It feels unfair, it feels like a lot of work and it feels sometimes like i’m not sure i want to do it all, all over again.

i was looking forward to this as a break from the stress and work and mental exhaustion of the every day battles i have faught for years. This was supposed to be my haven …. my escape.

It feels like everything i have learned, practiced and am being consistent in is being done for nothing.

I can easily stand up, pick up the reins and carry on by myself. i’m choosing to lay things down at His feet and i’m waiting ……

It’s unfair, life has always been unfair to me and now i’m fighting very hard to not get completely frustrated with the whole thing.

I have enough on my plate right now ….




2 thoughts on “Learning styles, communication styles and frustration.

  1. You have every right to be frustrated. I have not been holding up my half of the weight. I have said I would but I have not given it the attention that it deserved. I have not communicated properly to find out what is needed to help you/us. You have told me how you are doing and that you need me to help. I have let you down again and for this I am sorry. You are right ,I either run or hide in my anxieties instead if just asking. These issues don’t need to be problem s but I am good at making them into one. Love Bear


    1. I appreciate your honesty, I know that’s not easy to put out there. I’m hoping you’ll decide to just ‘be’ instead of making mountains out of mole hills soon. ❤


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