Raynaud’s, spankings and swollen hands

I’m writing this as a diary of sorts to document something that I had noticed some time ago and hypothesized about but i’m going to actually write it down this time. For a time line and for my own amusement. If it sparks an interest or idea in someone else, maybe someone like me who is also suffering, than cool!

I noticed years ago that there seemed to be a connection between how cold and purple my hands got/or didn’t get, and the amount of play we got to do.

For personal reasons that i have already covered we had to cut the play/spankings way back. With those things seemingly back on track we have started playing again, a little anyway.

As i mentioned on Monday, my hands had been swollen, sore and halfway to frostbite for a few weeks already, ever since the temperature started to change here the problem became intense. I could not make a fist with my right hand, can’t even say it was ‘closed’ at all.

Sunday night we got to have an impact session, although just a short one, but my hands the next morning were ‘normal’, minus the ulcers and other damage that had already occurred.

It’s Wednesday afternoon and i have been in and out of the house and in the cold all week. (Not that that matters much but …) My hands will suffer some side effects from that but they get back to ‘normal’. Well, my normal anyway, I can bend my fingers and close my hands!

You have no idea how great this news really is. πŸ˜€ The pain, the immobility and as far as i’m concerned the further damage that is caused when they are the other way is not only immobilizing but also depressing! They are useless, sore blocks if ice that i can’t escape. If you use your imagination you might start to get the idea, it’s truly an awful state. One I want to be out of as much as possible so yes, i’m very curious to see if spankings could possibly be a useful management tool when it comes to raynaud’s.

My hands are the first and most damaged parts of my body so far so they are what i talk about but they are not the only parts. If i can stop this progression in the rest of my body by doing something that I enjoy anyway , well i’m game to find out!

I’ve known for some time that spankings and BDSM help me manage my physical issues, now that i’m able to get back to it i’m documenting.

We are on day 4 and although we have had a few moments here and there we have not been able to use impact again. My finger tips are starting to turn again and my finger with the most damage is getting hard to close. 4 of my fingers are back to frostnip more often than not and i am noticing a bit of back and forth in temperature. That’s what happens just before they start to swell up again.

As much as i hope that they don’t do it again i’m guessing they will. If they do i will try the experiment again and see if it once again works to help the physical symptoms and for how long it can keep them at bay!

It’s all about the stress management and spankings done right have always helped to manage the stress i hold in my body. I want to find out what level of intensity it takes and for how long it can be effective before requiring another session.

Anyone out there have this or have similar results?

2 thoughts on “Raynaud’s, spankings and swollen hands

  1. I’ve submitted the research grant for you the money should be rolling in any day now! For science! If I had to speculate, which I do frequently with no particular reason, I would have to say it has to be a neurotransmitter thing. My knowledge of raynauds is spotty at best I get just the slightest touch of it in the winter due to some meds I take for migraines but not even enough to begin to mention to you dear friend. I like your thinking on this and if nothing else the experimenting will be fun

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    1. Grant money for spanking sessions, sweet!!! πŸ˜€ *giggle*

      It’s a chemical reaction that causes the veins to constrict and the blood/heat to be sent to the core organs. Much like if you were stuck in the arctic and went into survival mode. At times i am very literally freezing on the extremities and sweating profusely at my core! Talk about contradictions!

      Like many other things in life, raynaud’s is set off by stress as well as other external forces. I know that what we do helps manage stress, that’s no secret, but the amount of physical change i am seeing is quite amazing. It shows how much it really does relax me. πŸ˜€


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