Monday Mornings …

I’m just waking up and going about my business. The weekend is over and it’s time to get back to ‘real life’. This weekend did provide some time for play and the Evilness was wide awake and stalking a poor innocent rabbit for 3 days! 😛

We haven’t had any opportunity for spankings in many weeks and for a few weeks my hands have been swelling and cold and very sore. It’s been difficult to do much of anything really.

Last night we finally had some time for playing with a bit more noise. It wasn’t a long time, just an hour so things were kept pretty simple BUT …. this morning my hands are normal colour! They are not swollen like they have been and although the ulcers and damaged bits are still there the rest of the ache and over all puffiness is gone.

Well, there is a bit of stinginess when i sit down but i’m pretty sure that’s not due to raynaud’s, Evilness!! *wink*

The headache that’s been plaguing me for the last few weeks isn’t here right now either. I’m going to stop talking now before i jinx myself!

Just something interesting to ponder while i wait for Bear to get home on a Monday!


5 thoughts on “Monday Mornings …

    1. Thank you, Andrew! I hope so too. 🙂
      I just love your last poem BTW, it’s just exactly like that! Bear’s not doing away with demons of past lovers, but demons none the less. Just lovely ❤
      Hope you have a wonderful week yourself! With lots of smiles ….

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    1. IKR??? So weird …. 😛

      All joking aside, i noticed a long time ago that many of my physical pains can be reduced or done away with when we get to play. I’ve heard the same from others as well. Better than pain killers! 😉 Now i’m noticing that other symptoms are being helped as well …. that’s pretty cool!


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