This one’s for you and S., Kitten!

Yeah, I remember …. *wink*

A bit of fun for a friend that I think could use a smile, or smirk …. whatever!! *wink*



4 thoughts on “This one’s for you and S., Kitten!

  1. Much to my children dismay this is a favorite song. I’ve started my winter beard for the year I’m hoping it is zz top worthy by spring. Thanks Nijntje this certainly brightened up my day the football game sure didnt. Again thanks you guys mean the world to us

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    1. If you can’t torment your children with song and dance, what’s the point of seeing them??? LoL ZZ Top humm? I had/have a friend who cuts his hair and beard only once every spring! I bet i can imagine the look for reals …

      Seriously though, you guys have a lot going on, i hope my silliness brings at least a bit of laughter here and there! You know what they say, a day without laughter is a day wasted. 🙂


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