The little things, some … wicked!

I keep saying that this relationship is so much more than sex and kink and there is no doubt in my mind many of you agree. Some times the sex and kink need to take a back seat to life and responsibility. As much as we miss having a kinky romp day in and day out we still feel a deep connection to each other. That said …..

We sat around last night and shopped for toys!! Yays! It has been a long time since we have had a chance to do that. Toys and kink in general has not really been at the forefront of our minds for a while. The situation at home didn’t allow alone time or liberties. The consequence to others of flirting and flaunting our kinky side was just much to great, and so it took a back seat, quiet and … mostly patient! *wink*

That’s not to say we had no play time, just much quieter and shorter than usual and anything out side of the bedroom was very, very subtle.

Things are straightening themselves out and the mental health of the boys is very stable and strong. All the emergencies are currently handled and we have a mental moment of peace.

So ……. *giggle* we have begun to take some liberties and with that comes a renewed interest in toys! So we did it, last night we ordered something new!

It has been such a long time that this type of excitement has been possible that i actually forgot about it!  It wasn’t until my 3rd cup of coffee that the thought hit me, WE ARE GETTING A NEW TOY! *grin*

Sounds silly to write a whole post on this i know but it’s much more than just a new toy. It’s about a refresh in our kink and a new chance to be ‘with’ each other again. It means we have the mental ‘okay’ to start to focus on sex and kink! Finally, without guilt or worry about what might happen and who might get hurt.

I’m not sure if i’m explaining this well but it means the chaos of life is settling down, that we can afford to think on kink!

No, it’s not the be all and end all – but here it means that a huge weight is lifting!

Happy Wicked Wednesday! 😉



5 thoughts on “The little things, some … wicked!

  1. I can hear your excitement in this post bunny. I am excited also and too finally move forward with some fun and playtime. It’s nice to have some of the weight lifted. There is light at the end. Love you, Bear

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    1. I hope so!! *giggle* and thanks Kis!
      I’m working on a post with which to introduce the toy, if Sir lets me. *wink* I guess we’ll see, if i can put my thoughts on it into words and He approves! I don’t often talk sex or specifics but in this case i do actually have something that might be of use to share.

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