Upping the ante

Things around here are pretty crazy lately. Very busy and full of ups and downs to make your head spin, so what does Sir decide to do?

Up the ante! *chuckle*

He has added, or mainly re-instituted things that we have used in the past but have been pushed aside due to time and energy restrictions. Now He has decided to bring them back to the surface. Now that things are ‘bonkers’ in my day-to-day!

You’d think this would just add stress and frustration, wouldn’t you? But it doesn’t … It actually adds some meaning and reason to life outside of the stressful events that plague us. It gives me a moment of ‘mental rest’ from the ‘everything else’ that needs my attention.

My leg is not quite well enough yet that I can kneel on it for any length of time but I do find myself day dreaming of kneeling quietly at His feet in the peace and serenity that comes from letting go and being His.

At your service Sir, gladly! ❤


10 thoughts on “Upping the ante

  1. “Some mental rest” That is a wonderful way to describe it nijntje. I find it takes some of the weight off of the many other things that have distracted us. I do look forward to having you kneel quietly at my feet. Bear☺

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    1. Thank you my friend! I really appreciate your kindness and ever thoughtful responses. It makes the public writing so much more enjoyable and meaningful to me. 😀


  2. You look AMAZING firstly. I also love that you are both looking forward to easing the other stuffs of life by upping the ante where it matters most. It is indeed the case that by doing so the rest falls into place more easily.

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    1. Thank you, Kis! That pic was actually taken on a rainy Sunday last year when were were looking for something to do! *wink* My hair is much longer now, at the Bear’s request.

      I think little by little is the key to any change, too much too fast only makes for stress and feeling overwhelmed! We will find the right balance for now, and there we will stay. And yes, everything else does fall into place just nicely. 😀

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