Time for change

Are you afraid of what you will find?

Are you excited by the prospect and adventure?

I know what my outlook is …. *smirk*


I’ve been writing sightly differently lately to give you an idea of what my ‘hick ups’ and ‘just didn’t quite work out’s’ actually consist of but I admit they feel a lot like whining to me and don’t like the posts one bit.

I wanted to give an idea of what happens to stop our attempts at connecting on a BDSM level and I think I’ve done enough of that.

If you’ve followed along you now know that there is ‘something’ on a daily basis. I’m not exaggerating and it’s not like we don’t try hard enough or have a pessimistic outlook. No, it’s just ‘life’ as I have known it since the beginning of time.

But that’s besides the point ……


So Bear, up for the next adventure this rabbit has thought up!!?!?? *smirk*

Just how much trouble could it be to catch a rabbit with one good leg anyway??? *raspberries* Come on now ….

8 thoughts on “Time for change

      1. Oh if i wanted attention He would give it to me lol. When i make mischief i tend to get rewarded with a red bottom. Not as a punishment, more just for validation lol.

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  1. Aw I don’t think it’s whining at all, and I’d hate to think someone thought I was whining if I was sharing some difficulties. They’re as valid and important as the fun stuff…talking of which…hope that bunny of yours got caught in Bear’s trap! 😉🐰🐻 xx

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    1. Oh thanks Kis, I know it’s not whining, not really. It’s just something that is deep in my psyche! My brother and i joke all the time that we could be barely moving with ‘parts’ falling off and we would still be ‘fine’ and carry on!

      I did get some cuddles but everything else will just have to wait. Since I was already sharing some of it …. besides the bum leg, bleeding, and cycle cramps, I’ve also caught another bug due to my current condition so I have a sore stomach, fever and a migraine. I’m surprised the Bear isn’t running for the hills!! LoL We have plans for Friday night, this better clear up! UGH

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      1. Oh I totally get it! And ‘IRL’ I’ll rarely give away anything is wrong at all…Hope by the time Friday comes all the bugs and sore bits will be feeling much better xx 🤞🏻🤞🏻💫🤞🏻🤞🏻


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