Fluff and stuff ….

Sitting on a Monday, got my feet up and trying to keep the weight off of my leg. Walking around, working for a couple of hours was enough this morning. The leg is aching but the bleeding has stopped. Still a bit open at the top but it seems to be coming along. With any luck I won’t get a call today and I’ll stay off of it more or less until 3 pm. Yay! That should help some, I’ve been icing it as well to keep the swelling down and using the band aids to pull it together, that seems to be helping too!

Trying to find something to keep me occupied, this sitting around business is not my forte!

I used to be able to talk to the Bear off and on during the day, that was nice, keep Him up to date with how I’m doing and make me feel connected. I guess that’s my biggest issue at the moment.

WP is a real pain in the rear and trying to read it on His cell phone is a real data hog. As a result He hasn’t been reading that way and well ….. we already know how that ended up. He used to read on His lunch or break, it was nice to know He was excited to see what I had to say. Now it kind of feels like I have no reason to post.

I’m sulking a bit I suppose, I got used to being spoiled and having His attention, having that connection and ability to flirt on and off during the day. I got used to being His priority, now I’m feeling a bit lonely.

Sure the messages back and forth had a wait time in between, He would sneak a look when He had a chance and get back to me. There was a bit of excitement in the wait and a lot of excitement when I heard the tone letting me know someone was texting.  Hopefully Bear!

Now there is nothingness.

Bunny …… no …… happy ….. *scrunchy face*

Maybe I’ll use my summer day collar today, the bigger one, at least until work time. Maybe the feel of it will help …. i’d ask Him, but i haven’t been able to reached Him in 3 hours, and it’s only 9:15 am. I guess it’s another busy day for Bear.

Happy Monday!

3 thoughts on “Fluff and stuff ….

  1. Hope it’s feeling much better! Looked a very sore one, you sure it doesn’t need a stitch, or at least those sticky butterfly ones? And hope you’ve heard from Bear by now, when C was in his previous job he had the time and opportunity to check in with me every afternoon and he can’t do that now so readily boo. Understand the scrunchy 🐰 face too! X

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    1. It’s closing up nicely, not bleeding anymore and i do have those butterfly ones but the bandaids actually held better here. Staying off of it has helped. It feels fine as long as i’m not over doing it, honestly my cramps atm are much more disturbing! UGH!

      I did get lucky and had a quick chat with Bear at lunch today! yays! ‘Bunny’ can get a bit pouty sometimes but I’m good now. I’ve got plans for Bear this evening that involve blankets and fur pillows and snuggling. *smiles*

      I hope you get to reach your C too! 😀

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