We laugh

Life and time had made me serious all the time.

Having to take on the responsibility for everything left very little to laugh and giggle about. My mind was always preoccupied with the weight of it all. It felt like it was all on my shoulders. All mine to bear.

Now we laugh, all the time again!

Had a meeting last night with our adviser for insurance and end of life financial planning. I don’t think the poor man has ever laughed quite that much in a similar meet. *chuckle*

I have a dark sense of humour, the Bear thinks it’s hilarious.

Our kinky play time is so much more than that. It’s made Him feel like my man again. It has brought back my feeling of security and calm.

It has given me back my spark!

And now we laugh …..

6 thoughts on “We laugh

    1. Oh thank you, M! Honestly I find joy in my everyday I just haven’t found the inspiration to write about it here, or perhaps i should say haven’t found the words.
      My days although complicated are generally happy. Not much stands out that’s worth writing! *chuckle*
      Hope you are well my friend, I know things are complicated there as well.


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