Inner demons

Being shackled in His chains helps me to control the demons I have had to cage inside.

The tighter He binds me, the less the demons can over take my mind.

The stronger His control over my body, the stronger my control over my mind.

His chains give me shelter, they provide me with rest,

So that i might fight another day.

That’s my reason for bondage,

That’s my BDSM.


*** inspired by reading The Lonely Author ***



5 thoughts on “Inner demons

  1. I am a rope bunny too Nijntje, No other person has ever managed to bind me so well. S. Can bind me with words and I obey just as if I am bound. The careful way he places my hands crossed at my back and he helps me to lay over a stool, he freezes me there with the simple words, ‘Don’t move kitten’ I am captivated. ❤

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    1. I do love that state of mind, not a care in the world and no worry at His hands. Freedom! Ironically enough …. *giggle*
      The Bear needs to talk more, I wish He would but right now i’ll take what i can get. Chains are actually our preferred ‘tool’ but they do make quite a racket!
      The stress and worry over the boys and noise has really been a drag on our play time, but we are trying to ramp it back up. Fingers crossed! *wink*


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