Before and After D/s

I’ve got some time on my hands, the weather is crappy and my body aches. Not that sexy ache, the OMG someone put me out of my misery ache! *chuckle* Much different!

I’m trying not to do too much but there are still a few rules in place that need to be followed. One is about cleaning and tidying the kitchen. I hate a messy kitchen so the rule really was more a need of mine than a want of His, but it is a rule now regardless of how it came about. If things get to be too much I can speak up and He will decide what to do, or not do for the day but that rarely if ever happens. It just bothers me that much!

So it got me to thinking of before and after …… the way things get done is the same, although i was starting to slack off some on days and then feeling terrible about seeing it a mess when He got home later! UGH But anyway, before and after!

Before the kitchen would be clean (mostly) and it was nothing but a chore. It took a lot out of me some days, it was a pain, really! On bad days just trying to get that done will be enough to exhaust me, needless to say i do not look forward to it. Or didn’t ….

After, I look at the kitchen and I can’t wait to get on with it! After the kids have been fed and the morning well on its way of course. I’m a bit obsessive so everything needs to be just so, show room ready! I don’t enjoy it exactly but I do look forward to having Him see what a good job has been done!

I look forward because of knowing that He is paying attention, I know it will get noticed. I know He will see that I did it for Him as well as me, to please so that He can have a nice and enjoyable home to come to at the end of a long day. I know He knows it can be hard on me, I know He knows that I am waiting for Him to say ‘good girl’ in some way or another.

Being acknowledged and appreciated for even the most mundane of things. Being seen.

Then I remember to make sure He knows He is seen by me, too!


8 thoughts on “Before and After D/s

  1. What a lovely, down to earth post and I feel the same way as you do about the kitchen. It is the heart of the house, a place where magic happens. It is a place where a lot of love surrounds us both. Thanks for posting this hun. ❤

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    1. Thank you, Kitten. It means a lot when these little snip-bits of my day are so well received. *grin*
      There is a lot of love in the kitchen. I love to cook and bake and all of it is done with love. I know it sounds cliche, but it’s true! ❤


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