A time and place

After reading something this morning and then going about my business, getting things straightened around and clean I realized that I have been lying to you all. Well sort of, and not on purpose but I don’t think the entire picture is very clear!

As I was walking around doing things that needed doing and humming about I was thinking how delicious it would be to be ‘of service’ *wink* for the Bear. I’m feeling pretty good and pretty balanced and I know He has been working hard both at home and at work. I know that He is tired at the end of the day but still has some stress to work out, who doesn’t, right?

So it would be just wonderful to be His, just for Him without having to worry about me. Not that He wouldn’t be attentive and worry anyway, He’s not like that, but I think you might know what I’m getting at. Make the evening just for Him! No thought or worry about my orgasms, just Him ….

Then it occurred to me. If you’ve been reading my posts on chastity and denial you’d likely think that is NOT something I would ever want. I’ve only really been touching on half of the story.

I think the difference is the wording and intent behind the action. The timing is also very important to make things ‘right’ in this for us.

Firstly, the intent is never to deny me after purposefully edging. The intent is never to deny me at all. I think of it more as taking turns, not denial or chastity. I’m not saying that I’m not at all turned on, something about watching the primal force that comes over Him and watching Him enjoy Himself is very appealing, but my focus is just simply not on me at all. Not at the beginning or the middle, or the end. My focus is always on Him so I don’t feel denied.  Quite the contrary, I feel very content and well used and owned, but happy!

The second thing to take into consideration is timing. When life is stressful and I’m already wired and tense is NOT the time to do this. When the balance is not right within me I just haven’t got it to give, mentally or emotionally. When I’m in need of my own release because life is already stressful enough the last thing I want is to be denied.

So yes as I’m humming about the house before my work day starts, and I’m day dreaming about being His play thing, it occurred to me that it’s not about the orgasms or the denial. It’s about your perspective AND it’s about the right time and place.

Now just don’t tell the Bear! I want to surprise Him with an offer for some stress relief tonight! *wink*

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