Sharing ideas

This has never been a forte of mine, here on the blog.

I have no problem giving more details or sharing more details when talking to someone. It’s not that I’m against sharing ideas, i just never feel they are relevant or required here on the blog i guess.

I don’t share sex stories and i don’t read sex stories (in case anyone ever wondered why i may comment on some of your blog posts but not some others!) To us those things of ours are private and to be kept private. That is our preference, i’m not judging others i’m just doing my blog, my way.

I will give technical details if asked, i will share experiences that might help someone else learn or understand but anything else is just ours. I hope that makes sense.

What I can share are the nonsexual things we have done to keep the dynamic flowing. This particular tidbit just came to mind to perhaps spur on the imagination of some others! *wink*

One of the things we have used as part of the bedtime routine was a collar with D ring and leash ….. it can be done in a very quiet but sensual way. The collar first can be put on as quickly (on those days that you just can’t do more) or slowly and sensualy as your day permits.  The leash easily attached, again as playful or simply as you like, and can vary day-to-day!


The leash is easily unhooked allowing for safety always. In the middle of the night should something happen you do not want to be fighting with getting free!

The click of the leash being so close to your body almost seems to run right through you and it triggers a serious submissive mindset for me. An automatic calm starts to flow from head to toe and there is no mistake I belong to Him.

It’s long enough that I can roll from side to side and even sit up and reach the night table for a drink.  I wouldn’t suggest starting out mid-week, it does take a few days to get used to. Once you do, I found it easy to sleep with and any notice of it in the middle of the night just reaffirmed our connection anyway. Made those nights of not being able to sleep a bit more restful regardless.

Now, I do have some serious ‘pet’ tendencies so a collar and leash is no humiliation or issue. I’d run around like that all day long if i could! *giggle*

Hope it inspires some imaginative routines of your own!




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