Monday Madness

Back to work Monday just like everyone else. I have a certain ‘hop’ in my step as every bunny should! *wink*


We’ve been taking advantage of any opportunity we can. Sometimes just a few minutes and some times we get lucky and have a bit more fun.

I’m really hoping this time it works out and we can continue …..

For those not long here or perhaps missed it the first time, we had to stop or severely cut back on kink and kinky protocols because it was triggering my youngest son. Even behind closed doors, any noise that could be heard was a trigger.  Needless to say it didn’t leave much that we could do that involved noise or impact.

I’m not quiet and I enjoy a certain level of impact and instruments that are not quiet. We went through a learning curve, trying to come up with quieter alternatives but ….. it’s just not the same.

Anyhow, we are trying to add some more kink and taking some liberties. Still monitoring the noise but we are adding a few things. The intensity is still lower than what i/we would like but at least it’s something!

4374be306cd756776a851cf6e5a0a0e8--sexy-sayings-spank-meI’m also becoming much more forward in what I need from Him. I guess this will just have to run its course and we will see what happens. There is a whole post here in this thought but i’ll pass on it for now.

On another note, He likes to play predator/prey and I have NO prey drive what so ever! LoL I am a total rope bunny however, so I have asked to incorporate tight bondage into that scenario. It will give me something to ‘fight’ against without hurting myself.

Let me explain, The Bear is much larger than i but if we were to get into a physical ‘struggle’ I would likely hurt Him or break an arm or a leg trying to get away. May be part of my mental makeup or it might be remnants of my childhood, likely both. I don’t get subdued, i never give up, never give in …. fight to the death mentality.

So yeah, actually causing hurt is not His intent or my kink.

We’ve tried a few times recently and I just can’t get into it. It feels fake and needless to say we both lose interest very quickly. *shrug*

So that’s my Monday …. still waiting for the day the kids actually leave the house, at the same time and for more than a few minutes! Until then we’ll keep thinking outside the box and sneaking in whatever we can.

Wish us luck that the youngest doesn’t get triggered. It caused me a lot of guilt last time around. That might be part of why I had backed off on ‘asking’ too. A mother’s priority is her kids, not kink.



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