Use A Yardstick — A Fish Named Karen

If you have had me around for any amount of time you know that I am not one to give sugary comments and fake empathy. I don’t like recieving them either.

I came across this piece and it really does remind me very much of how I too grew up and who I am now.

It is just Brilliant! I really enjoyed this piece, especially the parts about the fake comments and the ‘saccharin sweet positivity oozers’ – I have to say that is one of my biggest pet peeves!

I like the way it is explained in a way that makes good sense. Easy to follow and just what I do too. Only I have written all of my family off, except my middle brother. I hope you take the time to read it and enjoy as much as I did.

Nice work, a fish named Karen!

A couple of years ago I was still pretty raw. Trudging through the feeling of insanity -I didn’t feel “connected” with people. Feeling angry with not being able to get ppl in my life to respond, have compassion and identify with the angst I was trying to convey to them. Oh, this is not new, it goes wayyyy […]

via Use A Yardstick — A Fish Named Karen

8 thoughts on “Use A Yardstick — A Fish Named Karen

    1. Yes ma’am, it is good to remember who and how much they deserve to get from us. I believe that is a big part of the message that Brene shares as well. I got to look into her stuff further, I see what she’s trying to say and do.

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