Submissive tasks …

We hear about those all the time, don’t we?

You could be asked to serve either through chores or kinky rituals and body training.

You could be asked to research a new interest you would like to present and talk about, maybe try.

You could be asked to serve by writing about the what or why of a thing. Perhaps what submission means to you. Perhaps what you would like to get out of the experience.

Maybe the task is simply to spell out your current likes and dislikes. A starting point of sorts …..

So what about the dominant?

Should the dominant not also be prepared to answer what they hope to get out of dominating? Where they would like to see the dynamic grow and how?

Should the dominant also not have ‘tasks’ set out to explore and engage in?

There are expectations of the submissive, should that not also translate to complimentary responsibilities for the dominant?

Is there not accountability for dominance, too?

Or do you just follow what they say, because they say so …. with no checks and balances set to ensure harmony?


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