Woman – Interrupted!

Yeah, remember when I said chastity or denial was not for me?

Being interrupted …… has left me remembering and reaffirming! It leaves me angry, frustrated and annoyed.

It is not needy, horny and ‘follow you around the house’ that I feel. It is not ‘let me get closer’ let me pester for sex ….. Oh no!

It’s leaves me feeling like ‘screw this crap, I’m done. I don’t want to give over my sexuality to anyone, I want to take care of my damn self’.

Whew ….. good thing that’s not the ‘plan’! It’s bad enough when life happens and takes over. I certainly do not want to be interrupted, on purpose!

Prolonged … sure. Not yet …. sure. Denied entirely …. NO DAMN WAY!

When will the house and time be my own?!?!?!?

Happy Wicked Wednesday! Yeah right ….

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