Never too busy

Everyone says that it’s the little things that make the difference, the things that are small and take hardly any time at all. Those things. But what are they exactly, what do they look like in the middle of your hectic stressful day?

I’m not sure if i’m going to go in this direction with the blog so let me know what you think, if it interests you, my readers. 🙂 It is something I need to do for Sir anyway. Something I have yet to tell Him so, here goes.

We had a busy weekend just like everyone else, maybe even more so. In any case, the moments to connect as strictly Dom and sub can be few and far between BUT that doesn’t mean they can’t be done, and be effective. It’s all in your perspective and consistency but some small surprises don’t hurt either. *smiles*

This weekend in between working in the garden, getting in the shower and getting ready to leave for some shopping …. running, running, running …. not much time to waste. I had my day collar removed for the shower and had yet to receive another for the rest of the day from The Bear.

My permanent adornment is cuffs not a collar. I do wear something around my neck every day but the only set collar is for night-time. Just FYI if you hadn’t seen those posts before. Anywho ….

I was already dressed and downstairs waiting when He came up behind me. ‘It’s time to get something around that pretty little neck’ He says. I had a request for which to wear for the day and He agreed, then He sent me upstairs to kneel by the bed and wait for Him. This is new …. in the middle of the day and going out.

I did as requested and waited. Not sure for how long but it was effective in calming my mind from the racing of the day and putting my focus back on weekend hours with the Bear. Back to letting Him lead and me relax and follow. He was home, no need for me to be ‘on’ right now. cropped-dom-and-his-sub-jpeg-w6272.jpg

It worked very well Bear, thank you for thinking of it and for the surprise. Just a few minutes in the middle of a busy day but it worked well for me, so Thank you, for thinking of it, for thinking of me. Love You Always! ❤ 

4 thoughts on “Never too busy

  1. Kitten and I stumbled on to this topic one night who remembers when, that’s what we do sort of stumble on to conversations. You see we like to talk, alot. So we got to talking about the grand gesture versus the everyday little extras, a note in your lumch, the quick shoulder rub, your favorite meal for dinner (yes I am an excellent cook), and making her pause when she is going at a break neck pace. We both agreed the simple, little thoughtful things are the important ones. For me they mean you care, you pay attention, and I’m loved. The grand gesture may say you love me but all it really means is you have had planning skills

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    1. Knowing someone cares enough to pay attention and watch over even when nothing grand is planned is a huge part of the connection I think. Remembering to acknowledge and appreciate the effort is too. *smiles*
      Thanks for chiming in S, always a pleasure to hear from you and Kitten.


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