A Box of Tomatoes

A relationship is about the every day not just the kinky fun hours that make you swoon and quiver. At least that is our take on life. I don’t think the kink or protocol of D/s or M/s could carry us this far with real life always just moments away, and i’m not exaggerating when i say my life is complicated at the best of times! *chuckle*

I’m talking about a 24/7 living together and have been for years type of relationship, that is what i have and so my experiences are based on that.

We came a cross a huge box of tomatoes at the local grocery store last week, it was a deal too good to pass up and so i asked the Bear and we bought one. I really had no idea what i was going to do with that many tomatoes but i figured we could come up with something!

I gave some to my brother, there is nothing better than fresh produce straight off the farm. You can eat these just like an apple, pick it up and yum! *wink* Sorry, getting a little excited here! *chuckle* Anyway, he got a small basket full, we ate some in a fresh salad(s) and still the box of tomatoes was full.

I have never tried making tomato sauce before but i use it all the time to make dinners so i thought, what the heck, let’s give this a try. Just how hard can it be anyway??

The Bear and I spent the morning, after some fun *wink*, boiling, peeling and prepping for sauce making. We laughed and flirted and worked. The Bear made a mess of the floor and i teased and giggled! He took the big pot out to the bbq because it’s so hot right now that the AC is running and the last thing i wanted was to stew tomatoes for an hour in the house!

The tomato sauce was made on the side burner and He laughed when He saw me stirring from the second step! I’m short, the pot is large and the bbq, tall ….. Being the resourceful bunny that i am i just improvised, and He chuckled …

He teased that i’m His ‘tiny little one’ and i wrinkled my nose the way He likes. I did *raspberry* after *raspberry* and had a good amount of sass in my step. Eventually He grabbed my collar and put me in my ‘place’. *grin* You know that warm feeling you get that starts in your face and follows all the way down, to the pit of your stomach and beyond? Yeah that one ….

Is it D/s, kink, life in general …. does it have a name? Don’t care really.

To us it’s just life, and a good time. I think we will likely remember how we learned to make tomato sauce. Together flirting and working, managing life ….. yes there has been kink, but this is what keeps us connected when the kink has to wait, when life comes calling.

A good time found in a two dollar box of tomatoes … hope your weekend has been as good!

16 thoughts on “A Box of Tomatoes

  1. Life is what you make of it. I relish in the ability we have to connect given any situation. It is what makes our relationship stronger. The kink is fun but these little things are what make it whole. Love you little one.😀

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    1. It was much more fun than a chore ‘should be’ i suppose, but i never was one to follow the rules! *giggle*
      I tend to think outside the box a lot, when we first moved i cooked everything on the bbq because i had a gas oven and the gas line wasn’t yet set up. It was a 3 week wait, lots of improvising LoL We still ate everything we wanted, from the bbq!

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