I just cut the f*cken grass! Sir … major rant.

This is not D/s, not really but this is a rant i need to get off my chest. Please feel free to pass …

I know I’m supposed to be careful Sir and I know my physical state is important. I know I need to take it easy and I know I have to tread lightly BUT ….

A girl needs to know that nostalgia is not all she has left! A girl needs to know that she can still take care of her damn self, she is still capable and she still doesn’t need to rely on anyone.

A girl needs to know she is still strong and able, even when her a-hole children cop out! ARGHHH!!

A girl needs to know she can still kick some @ss …..

I cut the f*cken grass, myself …. in this mid 40s heat. I did it, with a push mower and I’m still okay.

I guess the working out is paying off. *grin*

There is more than one way to get physical relief! *wink*


21 thoughts on “I just cut the f*cken grass! Sir … major rant.

    1. Thanks M! I think a nice tall glass of water followed by something ‘tall and strong’! I’m going to take Alan Jackson’s advice and instead of calling them ‘something’ I’m just going to call it a day! *wink*

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  1. I just finished my lawn too but good God I had the sense to use a riding lawn mower! Glad you got through ok. I sure wouldn’t want to be those kids lol

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    1. LoL Thanks, S! We don’t have a rider just a large Toro walk behind. It’s much too heavy for me with my wrist, elbow and shoulder issues. If I tried that one I would have been hurting, but leg muscle power I do have! *wink* and a bit of stubborn attitude doesn’t hurt either! *giggle* and those kids … oye, those kids!


      1. I know what you mean, the beginning was slow goings and frustrating but hard work and perseverance have paid off for me so I’m not complaining. The medications only get you so far unfortunately but I’m managing with fewer set backs all the time. 🙂


      1. I assumed the C bit but I didn’t realize that it got that hot in that area so it caught me off guard to see that. Hopefully the humidity isn’t to lest it get very tricky very quickly.


      2. When you add the humidity I’d say we’ve been over roughly 50% of this summer. A lot of health Canada warnings this year, I wouldn’t say we are normally this high though. Usually we have 3 maybe 4 heat advisories but this year it’s been almost every week, for a few days to a week at a time.

        It’s been brutal and the growing season awful! Until August we had very little rain to combat the heat. I hope it doesn’t stay in this direction for years to come. :/

        And good morning! 😀


      3. We have been wet! Those temps are normal summer weather here but we have run somewhat cooler for all but about 6 weeks. Rainfall has been steady at 150% normal however. Hmmmm, wet, warm weather? Yeah grass has (literally) grown 2″ a day most of the summer!


      4. LoL I remember the days when we would sit and ‘watch the corn grow’! Hopefully we’ll get some of our normal weather back here too.


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