Dominant, not domme.

Yesterday I had an issue to take care of, an issue that has been ongoing for years now. One I thought had finally and quietly been taken care of but I was wrong and it required a firm hand. Dominant bunny it is than! *wink*

My backyard looks more like a national part than it does your normal city backyard. It’s my oasis in the middle of the city, it takes time and a lot of hard work to create and then maintain. I have a gorgeous green hedge that acts as a fence for most of the perimeter.

One of my neighbours seems to think that it’s her place to continually cut things back for me ….. ummm, NO! The first few years she would reach over the fence at the very back of the yard only. I have a very large yard. I half thought I was losing my mind, and half thought that there was something wrong with the shrubs and they required my attention. Eventually she got more brave and that’s when obvious, deep cuts were left and noticed by me.

I have been asking the Bear to please talk to her, perhaps in passing then next time she asks him for gardening advice, to please be sure NOT to reach over the fence and cut MY side of the growth. Well, more years have gone by and He hasn’t said a word. He’s not really one for confrontation and although I don’t find this confrontational, simply polite pointing out that it is not her property, not her place.

Anyhow, over the past two years we have been able to get things just as we wanted in the front half at least, the back I am still trying to grow back and fix. OYE! The hedge was probably about 6 feet tall, nice and solid, just a real wonder of nature. Yesterday I went out to do a bit more work and noticed that almost 2 feet had been cut off of most of my hedge. What!?!? She had once again reached over the fence and chopped it down.

She’s always careful to just work from the back up, I think because I had yet to say anything to her she felt it was going unnoticed. Well not today lady! We had just trimmed front AND back, made sure her side was clean and clear, the shrubs were at the fence line and no further. She had absolutely no excuse and when I saw that again …. well ….

‘She cut my hedge again, I have asked you to talk to her and now she has cut it again.’ Just look at this mess ….’ and she was outside, just on the other side and decides to come over to the fence. Oh yippee!!

‘I tried to trim, but I couldn’t quite get your side ..’

‘Yes, yes you did and I’d prefer you didn’t actually! I keep growing and trimming and you keep cutting it down. Feel free to touch and trim anything on your side but THIS is mine. LEAVE it alone!’

A few attempted excuses later and me not backing down, she apologized and I said thank you. *smirk* The Bear was quite amused I think, He sat there and watched the whole thing.

I had no ambition to spank her but I did give her a stern face and talking too. I might have had the impulse to smack her one, but I kept my cool as always.

Domme, no, but dominant, yes. *wink*

I wouldn’t mind some flogger and cane action to decompress however! LoL Not the giving, just the receiving side. I know, what a contradiction … *giggle*

Some people seriously have no boundaries ….. she better have figured out mine. My backyard is my haven, I don’t do ‘people’ and I prefer to be left alone. Her intrusive and now pushy ways are not welcome.

Besides, Bear says I’m not allowed to show myself to others so the hedge helps when skinny dipping! *wink wink* If she keeps this up I’ll have to get permission to give her an ‘eye full’! Just kidding, then I will punch her, she won’t see much after that for a while. 😉

(Although I would love for that part to be true, that is just a joke made to decompress. No one needs to use that against me in a court of law when she shows up with a black eye someone else gave her. She is quite the piece of work I can assure you. Some people!)

Happy Saturday!

8 thoughts on “Dominant, not domme.

  1. We are in the exact same situation. We are moving now though. For a lot of reasons but one is that we can’t stand our neighbours anymore. We just rented our house though so it’s not that much to give up. I really can’t stand people like that. It upsets me so much.
    I don’t like confrontation either and for me too like the bear it’s really hard to talk to our neighbours about it.

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    1. Well I can certainly understand why you’d move! LoL I waited 2 years to get this house, I’m not moving and unfortunately for her, I have no problem telling her what needs saying.

      This is just the tip of the iceberg actually, you have no idea … *chuckle* We lovingly started calling her ‘our crazy’ many years ago already. She offered up that although many think it, she really isn’t crazy. That was without us asking BTW. Just the tip I tell you! 😉


  2. I wish I could be that assertive, certain aspects of my life would have gone much more smoothly. I’m an absolute pansy and avoid confrontation as much as possible, even when it’s detrimental to me.
    Now you have to wait and see if she reaches over again to trim your side. I wonder why she was doing it in the first place…did she think she was “helping” (as in, she felt knew better than you what the height should be), or was she being nosy and wanted to know what you were doing in your yard?

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    1. I think she might be a bit jealous, she does like to comment on how lovely it is and how she just can’t seem to manage her own but I think your first instinct was likely the most correct.
      She has been known to accost people in my driveway and ask why they are here and what they are up to, when I am home!

      She has even come around into my back porch to ask my brother who he was and why he was here a few years ago when the Bear and I went away and he was watching the kids for a few days. She is both nosy and has no concept of privacy.

      I can understand a concerned neighbour but I have two big dogs and he was parked visibly in the drive and used a key to get in. There was no reason for her intrusion, just like there is no reason now.

      I don’t do people either and she does not change my mind at all!! LoL

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