I have a question, related to something I read not too long ago. I think it might have been referring to me, maybe not. Either way it did get me thinking.

Do you all enjoy when I share funny little bits and pieces of things that have happened here? Things that are not really deep or meaningful in any way. Things that are simply meant to give a smile or show that regardless of how you choose to live and label your life, its the small fun times in between that really makes us happy in the long run.

I prefer to be happy, I prefer to smile and sometimes things happen that I don’t mind sharing in the hopes of sharing that smile too.

Is it just frivolous? Would you prefer not to have that pop up in your readers, or does it do as I hoped and simply share a smile in a world that could use more of them??


Don’t worry, I’m not going to change …. I just would like some feedback. 🙂

12 thoughts on “TMI?

  1. Lil’Rabbit… this blog IS you, all the little bits and pieces, the deep and the not so deep. I wouldn’t have you any other way, and I’ve always enjoyed it. From the deep introspective pieces, down to your “Oscar the Grouch” shirt in that one post, lol. Just keep being you.

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    1. Thank you, my friend! ❤ I have spent enough of my life being serious and worried. Life is simply too damn short for that and with the Bear now at my side I plan on enjoying every last minute I have.

      I've finally been able to let that little rabbit out, I have no intention of chaining her back up again. Besides that's a 'Bear' job now!! *wink* LOL


  2. I really enjoy your posts and the insights your provide to yourself. In my mind, isn’t that the whole point of a blog such as this? If we can’t share in this forum, then where can we? You keep being you and I’ll keep reading.

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  3. I honestly think something special would be lost if you shied away from writing about whatever you preferred, or sanitized your blog to keep people from reading one thing or another. It’s something that I too thought long and hard about when I started blogging, I honestly know that my life is nothing like the Kardashians (thank goodness!) but then again it’s not exactly everyone’s cup of tea either. There are boring times, there are things I write about when I can envision someone thinking “well, that’s 10 minutes I won’t get back!” after reading it.

    Write about YOU. The good, the bad, the ugly. Write because you want to get something out there, ask a question, get feedback, get shit off your chest so it doesn’t fester inside of you. I’ve tried instilling that in my pet, but she says often that she should write, but doesn’t, for some of the same fears that you’ve expressed. Hopefully in time she’ll decide to put it out there for others to read, and maybe get some feedback from someone other than me.

    Ha, look at me, long winded again. Don’t change a thing, you’re doing good, wabbit.

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  4. I like hearing about you and your life… every bit, bad and good, which you choose to share. It makes me feel as if in some tiny way we are friends and thus it’s been great to read what’s going on. You write so well about life’s happenings in a very natural way. This makes us, your readers, feel we are there with you! Not everyone has this gift. I wish I wrote with regularity as you do because writing is a great release for me and a lovely way to make new friends!


    1. Thank you, angel. I know you have done your share of writing and reading! That compliment is certainly in high standings and leaves me a bit humbled, truly. I hope you get back to writing also, I enjoyed reading your view on the world. It often made me think, especially that boat ride. 😀


  5. We enjoy the extra tidbits! They give you personally and character…we adore you because the little extras allow us to form a greater understanding of you and the information you write about.

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    1. Thanks Wolf, and bird! *smiles* I’m glad you guys feel that way, I enjoy being playful sometimes. Life is much too short to only ever be serious! *wink*


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