“These are not the droids you’re looking for ….”

I received a certain, angry email last night from the same person who has been making my brain ‘spin out’ for the last couple of weeks. Well, that certainly proved any hypothesis I might have had, not that I’m happy about that fact but I’m not surprised.

This note is for them, because I have a feeling ….

Not everything you see or read out there on the internet is specific to you, even if there are similarities. Welcome to the new world of human interaction. We can all find similarities with almost anything we find out there, if we look hard enough. Sometimes it’s not even that hard, but it doesn’t make it about you.

I have spent the better part of this year supporting, backing and advocating for things specific to you. Were my words ever veiled or abstract?

I have stuck my neck out there to rail against those who harmed you and your family, I got nothing out of it.

I have written and tried to explain the ‘lifestyle’ in such a way that your family and friends could understand and accept. I have advocated diversity therein so that your relative could be comfortable in their role despite what has been said to them.

I have even advocated for YOUR lifestyle choice even though it is not currently mine because understanding and inclusion is what makes for a better world, and I believe is the right thing to do.

What else was there, oh yes, the entire ‘stalker’ series on your behalf. It was not in ‘my back yard’ as they say, I could have easily ignored it and moved on, but I didn’t.

Again, was any of that done in a round about way, or am I always straight forward and upfront? So in the spirit of that statement, yes bug lady, THIS one IS about you.

Since I’m being upfront, you have gone from being a victim to being the stalker in my opinion. You have taken it upon yourself to find and read sites that don’t interest you simply to shame and berate their life choices on your own site. 

You are throwing an awfully large net over an entire group of people who you really know nothing about and frankly don’t understand. I’m pretty sure when I made a similar comment to you is when you started to turn against me as well.

You have been through a lot and I don’t blame you for being angry and lashing out. I know people have done things that were deplorable, BUT IT WASN’T ALL OF US.

You used to email me in a panic because someone read your blog and then went and blogged about you, or so you thought. The first one was likely I admit, but the others?? Honestly I didn’t see a connection, or at least not any more connection then the other 326,870,573 people and that’s in the USA alone.

Please, look at what I just said. Who’s stalking who now?

You are acting with more and more anger all the time, making connections that simply don’t apply and worst of all you are now badgering people who have done absolutely nothing to you.

I am not judging because that is not my place, I know you have been through a lot and I know you are reacting to emotions that are brought up by things you don’t understand. Yes, yes, I know …. you don’t react on your emotions, you think it all through first, obviously.

My point is that the path filled with hate is dark and lonely. It brings you down and eventually eats you up so that there is simply nothing left. Is this really where you want to put all of your energy? Don’t you have more worthy places to concentrate on?

Look at my track record over the better part of a year. Does it seem like I would now post something simply to razz you?

And just for the record THIS will be the only thing I write that pertains to you. Any other posts bearing any similarities will be strictly coincidental, so please, no more angry emails.

Thank you.

8 thoughts on ““These are not the droids you’re looking for ….”

    1. I know. I just said this and I’m going to say it again here …

      Apparently the dripping blade is hidden somewhere here, in the last few blog posts and comments I have had and made to others. Someone, please, bring it to me because apparently I’m stabbing people in the back and I don’t even realize it. *shakes head*


  1. I admit to having many corny sayings that I use as seems appropriate. Some are my own and some aren’t. The following paraphrase is one of the latter but it oftentimes seems handy.

    “Be carful what you say lest you give the best speech you ever live to regret.”

    Emotions can lead us many places so it is always important to see the path they are taking us down.


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