The stronger I need to be OUT THERE …

The more completely I need to be controlled IN HERE ….

It’s all about balance you see,

It’s about calming the storm in my mind.

It’s about caging the beast that lies within.

Pack Lycan Lone Wolf Blood claw

There is nothing else that makes it all stop spinning, even for just a short while.

I’ve been feeling a bit stifled lately, I apologize for my ‘absence’.

It’s no one’s fault but my own, I’m not sure where to go with it right now.

I’m a feminist, strong as they come in the real world, dominant to the end ….

And I find nothing more calming then resting at His feet.

Contradictions, yes, but who says you can’t have it all? Only those who have yet to get there.

Comments welcome! :D

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