We bought a car!

Well, we did it! We bought the car!

I didn’t get the amount I wanted BUT I did get ALL the issues taken care of and included in the price we discussed. I still got a better deal than they were offering and the Bear is very pleased! I dare say that with them taking care of it all before hand I’ve actually come out ahead at the price agreed to! *chuckle*

It was kind of cute having the poor guy chase us out in the parking lot as we were getting ready to pull away. Those poor fellows are probably still in shock with their heads spinning a bit. It was fun! *grin*

Bending someone over your knee is not the way to control a situation. If you have to get there before they are listening to you, they aren’t listening to you at all! THAT part should be for the fun of it! *wink*

The song is just because I like to dance to it, it’s nice to stretch those dominant muscles every so often! *giggle*

4 thoughts on “We bought a car!

  1. You Picked An Aussie Band!!!!!!!!! I am glad you got a car and you go girl! Congratulations on the car. By the way I know you have been thinking about your role in your relationship and running the risk of labels S. said it was quite simple you are an alpha submissive. ~wink~ and that is a good thing too. ❀ You have great abilities in the real life like running a household taking care of your children, buying cars!!!submissive by choice to your Bear who is the only man to even come close to taming the bunny!

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    1. I have a thing for Aussie bands, what can I say! *wink* Going to see one in October and I’m really excited!! πŸ˜€ LoL

      As to the ‘sub type’, it’s more an exercise to explain rather than discover. I know who and what I am and really have no problem with either, (I know you know, just for the sake of others reading) but I’m not sure those reading understand who I am, really. The labels come with ‘understandings’ that makes every word I use misunderstood in the sense *I* mean it.

      For example, Alpha Submissive, I have used that one as well, turns out I was wrong in that one. An Alpha submissive can only exist in a poly relationship where two or more submissives are present. I know it is a term liberally used now a days but it is in fact, wrong.

      The other term I picked up on, and some points of interest I use are of Makai’s Warrior Princess (that most basic description is probably the closest truthfully) but if you look deeper there is a lot of other information and ‘goings on’ that I don’t agree with. A point recently brought out by a friend of mine, and so it spurred this attempt at explaining once more.

      It’s not for my sake, it’s for the sake of my readers. Personally I prefer the idea of a wolf pack, He is the alpha male and I the alpha female. Both have responsibilities and power in the pack, both dominant, more primal. That’s how we live anyway, I can just never seem to get the idea across.

      Now that I’ve written you a post, cheers!! *giggle* Maybe I’ll copy and paste this as a post of its own. πŸ™‚


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