Maintaining the dynamic, when I’m taking charge.

What?!?!? I’m taking charge you say, what’s that all about? *chuckle*

I’ve said before, I’m a pretty ‘dominant’ character. I have an assertive personality and there are some things that I really am better at than the Bear. That’s not to say He isn’t good at them, I’m just better.

I’ve done it professionally, I’ve done it in my personal life, I have more practice. Simple as that. It’s also part of my personality that I excel at negotiations.

So, we need a new car. The old one is leaking fuel and obviously is not safe to drive …. BEAR! *raspberries* Sir has asked me to source out the used cars in the area and see if we can find one to suit our purpose. It’s a ‘back and forth’ to work car for Him. I’m not looking at new because , one the expense and two it’s going to be carting dirty men around! 😛 And I don’t mean Evil, naughty dirty … *wink*

So I’ve come up with a list of possibles, we went through them yesterday and He picked out the one He wanted to look at investigating further. I’ll be setting up the appointment for tonight. I will be dealing with the sales person (already have to some extent making my list).

Yesterday we went to take a quick look while the place was closed. I took ‘notes’ on the state of the car and I have done some research to see the worth. When we go tonight the Bear will be doing the looking and driving, because the car is for His use after all, but I will be doing the negotiating for price.

Yup, it’s true, we will both be standing right there and I am going to take the lead on this. Like I said, I have the assertive no-nonsense personality. I don’t get flustered and I stick to my guns as they say. If I don’t get what I want, or close, I will walk away. I’m quite confident they will call me back! *chuckle* I have done my research, I know what I’m talking about and the car has a few things going against it that not everyone will want to fix. Short, sweet and to the point.

The Bear on the other hand is a people person, He likes to talk and hang out and they would likely talk for an hour, not change the price and He would pay too much. *giggle* He likes to go with the flow, He’s a moderator, does a wonderful job of bringing people together and helping them stay put to work out their differences, something I am not good at. Well, I’m better because I have learned from watching Him, but its most certainly His forte, not mine! (getting back on topic now.)

So, I will be taking the lead even though I’m His ‘submissive’, so how do we add any sort of D/s to that?

Normally I wear a dress and no panties to greet Him after work. Today because we are going to test drive the car I have asked Him if I may wear something else instead. The car is dirty and who knows what’s been in there. I would like to wear panties and pants please! Of course He said yes.

I will be in charge of buying the car, He will still be in charge of me. Simple! *wink*

Once the price is set He will do all the paper work and payment etc. Team work, each of us using our strengths for the betterment of our life.

If we got caught up in the ‘shudda, coudda, woudda twue way’ we might not make out so well.

If it makes the ‘twue’ people feel better, we can say it’s a ‘task’ He has set out for me, if I do well I get a reward. Hey, I like that idea!! What do you say Bear? I get a reward? *wink wink*

(Just some humour, don’t worry folks, I don’t really care what ‘twue’ idealists think.)

Happy Tuesday! ❤

Comments welcome! :D

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