Sick D/s

What is it about being sick that makes me crave teddy Bears and chocolate cake? *smirk* Something fuzzy to hold on to and lay on and something yummy to indulge in. I don’t normally do sweets unless it’s a birthday or something and even then it’s rare. But if I’m sick so ….

I laid down for ‘just a little bit’ and I think I was out for the better part of two hours. I never fall asleep quickly and never stay asleep either so it’s not as restful as it seems.

The Bear had plenty of evil plans to keep me hopping today but they all had to go on hold. I haven’t done nearly as much as I was hoping to do and He will likely end up getting take out today because I just have no energy.

I finally took something for it but so far it hasn’t given me much relief. I don’t know if my other physical issues are just compounding the problem but my guess would be yes. It’s just a basic cold but my fever won’t quit and I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck. It really shouldn’t be this ‘bad’! OYE

So yes, another D/s day for the Bear and bunny. I don’t imagine He’ll put too many demands on me today. Wellย  likely the one demand I have the hardest time with!

“Sit down, leave it, I’ll get it, rest!” *raspberries*

Evil Bears I tell yah! โค


15 thoughts on “Sick D/s

  1. OMG Nijntje REST! I had a bad cold and ended up in hospital with pneumonia for 4 days. S. Got it and ended up with bronchitis. It takes a frightful amount of time to recover. You are not allowed to get it! Get better sweetie pie! โค

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    1. Yes ma’am, I know. I’ve had bronchitis from being too stubborn to stop and rest, it took more than 4 months to get back to ‘normal’. Twice!
      I’m resting, I’m resting … ๐Ÿ˜€


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