Thoughts on a Thursday

I’m not really a ‘people person’, not truthfully. I’m an introvert and with that comes the need for quiet and solitude. There is only one person I long to be with 24/7, I’ll let you figure out who! *chuckle*

That said, I do WELL in social situations, I excel at it really. I always seem to be the social butterfly and the life of the party, I just need plenty of quiet time afterwards to recharge and recoup!

Just like everything in life it’s about balance.

I don’t want to be a recluse, not that I see anything really wrong with that …… LoL I just don’t want to be that way ALL the time.

Why is this on my mind now? Well with today being my last day of work for the summer I’m staring at an empty summer schedule with nowhere to be and no one to see (outside of doctor’s appointments) for two months!

The Bear will be home for some of that and every evening of course, but that leaves an awful lot of days just to myself. Humm …. what shall I do?

I’ve already had plenty of ‘oh we have to do lunch ..’ s … but again, not really a people person remember!? LoL No one else knows that, except for the Bear. Anyone else would tell you I’m very extroverted! *chuckle* If they only knew.

So my mind is thinking that it would be nice to find an online community I could talk to from time to time, some like-minded people to spend my day with, without actually having to see people! *wink* Sounds perfect, right?

Well I have tried it before and found it more trouble than it was worth. I have a hard time dealing with the personas that the assumed anonymity seems to create, and the drama that comes from that.

My recent exposure to the stalker incident has also made it less and less appealing. I’m not interested in anyone else and I’m not at all submissive to anyone else. Want to see how much trouble that could stir up if some fool decided to start something just because I say I’m the Bear’s submissive?? LoL Fun times I’m sure.

(In case anyone is curious, after I left the post to ‘dear stalker’ telling him to either get my attention or bugger off nothing much has happened. I said I wasn’t going to read his drivel and I haven’t gone back. As to me and mine, nothing here to make me care or wonder, so … )

So if the next few months bring about posts that sound like I am talking to an imaginary friend or like the rabbit really has truly lost her marbles, don’t worry! I’m just bored! *giggle*

I wonder what the Bear would say if I started remodeling the bathroom!?!?

7 thoughts on “Thoughts on a Thursday

  1. I am a smidge under 5 foot and crowds make me nervous. You will never find me in a mosh pit! That’s why I could be called clingy but S. doesn’t mind me like that. I am hopeless at finding friends, just ask S. I seem to attract the sad, lonely, angry, viper tongued.. As you say I too am submissive but only to my S. I am also known as the Nut Buster cos I am at the right height for it. I can also kick knees. My best weapon are my vitriolic words. You were talking about a place to chat with like minded people. Did you know WordPress has a chat service?. It might be nice for an hour a week or something like that. I am going to look into it. Hardest thing with that is finding a time we can all get to chat. I mean the people I have met on here are wonderful and quite a diverse group. any way when was the last time you did the bathroom? hehehehe btw I move furniture when I get bored. That is why S. likes to keep me busy, and no not just with that ! * giggles * ❤

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    1. LoL I’m a smidge over 5 foot and I always walk around like I own the place! Sir likes to say that my attitude walks through the door before I do!! *shrug* Wonder what he means by that!?!?!

      I know WP offers chat websites that people can pay for and then use, didn’t know of an actual WP service though, you’ll have to let me know if you find something out!

      The bathroom has needed doing ever since we moved in, along with everything else in this old Georgian! LoL The Bear can really procrastinate when He doesn’t want to do something …. *wink*

      And yeah I do have things to keep busy with but … boring … 😛 *chuckle* He keeps me busy THAT way too but I can’t just kink it up 24/7, can I!?!?! *wink*

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  2. I had a look at chat and it is in widgets. You have to have a Twitter or Facebook account to do it. I don’t have either. The chat seems harmless enough and the people do promote their blogs and posts. It is called TLD Webchat. Take a look if you are interested. I just thought of something it might not be all Kinky.Hmm Something to ponder.

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    1. I don’t have either, either! LoL WP is my only online presence. Most of the people I follow are not kinky anyway, and most who follow me are not either, go figure!


  3. Perhaps you might devote an hour or two a day to a hobby or two? I enjoy walking, gardening, reading, writing, photography, selling odds and ends on eBay, trying new recipes, and watching old movies while I catch up on ironing, lol. Maybe you could try a yoga class? I’ve been wondering about trying this myself. My niece teaches it and says it is great for some chronic pain issues and I happen to have two types. Whatever you decide, n, have a very well-deserved and fun, relaxing, rejuvenating vacation!

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    1. I’ve done yoga, it really is helpful! I do mine at home now. A few DVDs and moves I remember from before + the ‘to do’ list from the chiropractor! You should really consider it, I can’t go a day without, I notice the difference!!


  4. I forgot to say I am and always have been an introvert! I’m fairly sure some people have mistaken my extreme shyness for snobbery or aloofness – neither of which are true. I’m just very uncomfortable around others esieciallyvin marge groups. Even at my congregation I’m usually found working in the kitchen instead of socializing during events! The interesting thing is I finally learned to speak in public when I served on the board of a nonprofit organization I was passionate about. Eventually I was elected president of the board and had to give speeches to large groups about what our organization was and did. Sir has told me repeatedly he’s not sure he could do it! Now I have no problem doing things like this but I still don’t like socializing!

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